GRANDE FOX – “Sealed Curse” from EP “Kulning”

GRANDE FOX – “Sealed Curse” from EP “Kulning”

The band was created in October 2013, as a “Fox Terrier” and consisted of four people.

It currently has three official and one upcoming release.

In April 2018 the band released the EP “Kulning”.

The album features 3 songs titled “Hermitage”, “Sealed curse” and “Kulning”, by two very young musicians,

Angelina Papadopoulou in female vocals alongside the band’s leading voice, Nikos Berzamanis.

Also, on the second track of the album entitled “Sealed Curse” have collaborated with Stephan Keeman in the role of cellist.

The result is a magical trilogy, with a very spiritual attitude that attracts anyone who will listen to it.

Watch “Sealed curse” video here