Grande Royale release single and music video “Utopia”

– To release sixth studio album in March, 2023!

Sweden’s Grande Royale are set to release their 6th studio album “Welcome to Grime Town” in March 2023. Mixed by mixed By Robert Pehrsson (Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric, to name a few), the album is packed with Grande Royale’s signature blend of energetic Scandinavian garage rock and catchy songwriting.
The second single leading up to the new album is called “Utopia” and is is out now on all streaming platforms together with a music video. The single sets itself apart from the rest of the album, starting off with an atmospheric and melodic arrangement of acoustic guitar and vocals before the bass, drums and electric guitars kick in with full force. All of the members in the band sing on each verse, and it’s the first song by Grande Royale that includes lyrics in Swedish.

Grande Royale’s album “Welcome to Grime Town” will be released on CD, Vinyl, and all streaming platforms on the 24th of March, 2023. The album is released on The Sign Records

Grande Royale are:

Johan Häll – Drums and vocals 
Samuel Georgsson – Bass and vocals
Calle Rydberg – Guitar and vocals
Gustav Wremer – Guitar and vocals

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