French Prog & Grunge Metal Trio COSMIC ORDER Shares Album Details & New Song “8:16AM”!

“Inner Temple” out on January 28, 2022 through Argonauta Records!

Rouen, Normandy-based grunge and prog- metal trio, COSMIC ORDER, has revealed some new details about their much awaited, first album release that will drop in early 2022 through Argonauta Records!

Fans of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Tool should give ear, as the French band creates a vigorous and cinematic sound universe leaning towards progressive metal, (post)-grunge and often giving a nod to dark wave. Adding synths and background sound designs, ever balancing between the light and dark, will most likely see COSMIC ORDER release a debut of musical grandeur! Following the band‘s 2016-EP, First Verse, their upcoming record will unquestionable become one of THE highlights in early 2022 of the eclectic Argonauta Records’ roster! COSMIC ORDER‘s first full-length, entitled Inner Temple, will be available as CD and Digital formats on January 28th; and you can now listen to a first album sneak peak, the brand new single “8:16AM” here:

“8:16 AM is the opening title of the album and sets its tone,” the band comments.

“The main idea was to suggest a dualism and a complementarity between Eros and Thanatos from the atomic perspective: is the narrator talking about cell fusion or nuclear fission?

The radiant and bright chorus opposes and supports the abrasive and obscure verses. This dual osmosis is what everyone has in their own Inner Temple, or at least Cosmic Order does.”

The pre-sale of Inner Temple is now available at THIS LOCATION!

Album Tracklisting:

01. 8:16AM
02. Better Life
03. Cross the Line
04. Another Sun
05. Hopeless Dance
06. H+
07. Memento Mori
08. Old Hag Attack
09. Plea(se)
10. Forced Consciousness Expansion
11. Their Time
12. Advanced Dreams & Depictions

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