Hard rock / heavy metal artist ARMAGELION is releasing his 3rd single “Playing with Fire” for worldwide airplay.

The song is taken from the upcoming debut Armagelion 5 song EP to be released in late 2022.

Armagelion quote:

Theatricality, mystery and a lot of hard rock. Catchy melodies, shredder guitars, melodic synths and powerful drums. Those are the essential ingredients of what Armagelion’s new “Playing with Fire” single is really all about.

“Playing with Fire” is the third single from the upcoming debut EP. A song that combines sensuality and energy. “Playing with Fire” invites you to make your fantasies come true and get caught by the heat of the moment.

Armagelion is planning an American tour to promote the first debut EP. This will be followed by the release of a second EP, which later on will be combined with the debut EP to form the self-titled full debut album Armagelion.

Previously released singles:

Lie To Me and Welcome To The Show

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In the beginning, there was only Him. Out of nothing, with his great and terrible power, He created all of existence.

When the time arrives, He shall return.

And He shall sing the song that will destroy it all!

The Divine Beast, ARMAGELION! ARMAGELION’s music is hard rock/heavy metal/arena rock with high pitched and gritty vocals, catchy and dramatic melodies.

Shredder guitars, powerful drums and melodic synths are the perfect complement for the Divine Beast’s voice.


Disturbingly Good


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