Release: February, 7, 2023      
Genres: Experimental, alternative rock, sludge 
Format: LP, CD, DR
Label: Kitten Robot Records
FFO: Butthole Surfers, Melvins,

1. Send Me Pictures  
2. Ferrymens Guild
3. Post Partum
4. You Never Came To My Party
5. The Cyst
6. Soft Pillowcases Colored Red
7. Squid Friend
8. Most Likely Nothing Ever                          
9. I’m Still Waiting
10. Lick The Lamb

“Harry Cloud sounds like you’ve been tethered to a quad bike and dragged full speed, over broken electrical equipment and through a successive series of Kraftwerk, Atari Teenage Riot, A.C. and Sigur Rós shows” – The Burning Beard

“… stately artistic sludge bordering on insanity and avant-garde dadaistic drone that drags you into their own colorful tar pit and smothers you with their bizarre mushroomed psychedelic.” –  The Stoner Hive

Perfectly at home on his bizarrely charming album THE CYST (release date: February 7, 2023 via Kitten Robot Records), recently released single “Squid Friend” gradually builds to a cathartic crescendo that ultimately tells of the doomed romance.

“I like how the song is a slow build the whole time until it reaches a powerful climax followed by a pleasant, washy resolution at the end” he smiles proudly: “I wish all my songs could have such a neat flow”. With layered vocals showering over chiming guitar tones, Harry Cloud once again enlisted the help of producer Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, TSOL, Pat the Bunny, Josie Cotton) for the curious track.  “I had written the basic guitar parts for this at home and Paul and I made up the rest in the studio” – he says. “At first, that epic build up seemed a little too cheesy and embarrassing for me, but I just went for it and now I love it because it’s unusual for me”.

“The Cyst came about like all my records I make with Paul Roessler” explains Harry about the compelling, mesmerizing set. “I come into the studio with completed songs, half written stuff or nothing at all. A lot of stuff is hashed out, made up and organized in the studio. I had no direction for the album, it was just what I was writing at the time. After a certain number of songs have been recorded and a period of my life feels like it’s coming to a close, I say ‘OK that’s an album,’ and then off to the next one”. Now officially signed to Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot RecordsHarry Cloud plans to unleash a whole new era of wildly experimental music. “I’m not trying to be anything or trying to do one style”Cloud confesses. “I’m not a fashionable person. I like what I like and if something sounds cool I put it out. I want to create a dream universe absent from reality. The lyrics come from my subconscious and only hint at meaning. If you like slow metal, psychedelic noise and/or abstract weirdo rock, you might like Harry Cloud. If you don’t like any of that stuff, you still might like Harry Cloud.”

The CYST is coming out Feb, 7 via Kitten Robot Records.


Photo credit – Sarah Sitkin

Hailing from Midland, Georgia on the border of Alabama, Harry Cloud’s first foray into music began in the MySpace years when he befriended a group of likeminded artists and moved upstate to Atlanta to join the experimental/noise scene under the name A Butterfly-Eaten Horsehead and later Single Mothers. Migrating out West to Los Angeles afforded a meeting with Roessler who helped him hone his sound with tighter production at Kitten Robot studios where he’s recorded 16 albums and EPs so far under Harry CloudFannylandOrphan GogglesCOPS and Harry Cloud/Paul Roessler.


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