Have You “Seen” SCATTERED STORM’s New Music Video… A Homage For Their Love of Star Wars

New EP “In this Dying Sun” Out Nov 11th via Bloodblast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Digital)

L- R – Jay Arriaga – Drums, Keyboards, Samples, Andre Accosta – Vocals, Kevin Armstrong – Guitar, Brian Fausnaugh – Bass

El Paso, TX’s Scattered Storm etched their way into the metal scene last year with their debut “Oblivion” and now they have returned with a darker, more proggy offering with “In This Dying Sun” due out on November 11th via Blood Blast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Digital). Showing a certain evolution from the previous effort, they still implement a lot of their core elements which are ambiance, groove, and melodies, but with this new record, they felt the need to explore faster tempos with machine gun-like riffs. They explain the EP further:

“We never lost track of the bigness, especially with Tue Madsen mixing and mastering this record. In our talks, we really emphasized that to him, even though songs are faster, we still want them to sound huge. And boy did he deliver. Sonically this record has been the best one. Madsen was even kind enough to feature the title track for his drum sample pack through Drum Forge because he really dug the song.”

Part of their evolution can be attributed to bringing in their new bass player Brian Fausnaugh full fold. He had recorded previously with them on some songs, so it was a no-brainer. Lyrically, they still draw from books, movies, series, and whatever piques their interests. This EP is intended to be a journey, discussing evolution, putting yourself back together, and the teachings of Yoda.

Today, in celebration of the release of “In this Dying Sun“, Scattered Storm is sharing their new music video for the EP’s closer “Seen”, a musical and lyrical homage to Star Wars. 

“This was a very complex song to write vocals to. Because it has many changes. Many ups and downs. Overall it is a very dark song. Its slow riffs and rhythms make it feel like you are in Darth Vader’s home. We used a lot of Star Wars references in this song. Yoda’s teachings. The evolution of being good but then going to a dark place. Fear is the path we yell. As Fear leads to anger, anger leads to pain, and pain leads to suffering. All indications that you are pretty much heading to a dark place.” adds drummer Jay Arriaga.

The video can be seen and heard via its’ premiere on Metal Insider HERE

Heavy and futuristic, Scattered Storm is recommended for a wide variety of metalheads as they encompass s good blend of the sludge from Meshuggah, the ambiance of Tesseract, and the epicness of Devin Townsend, and are influenced by bands like Fear Factory and Mnemic

“In this Dying Sun” comes out on November 11, 2022, via Blood Blast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Digital) and is available at the following link – https://bfan.link/in-this-dying-sun

Previous Videos:

Music Video – Bloody Love – https://youtu.be/XR1ualbw3VI
Music Video – In This Dying Sun – https://youtu.be/dTTWILNBBMM

Track Listing:
1. Bloody Love – 4:44
2. The Process – 3:49
3. Hollow – 4:16
4. In this Dying Sun – 3:42
5. Seen – 4:49
EP Length: 21:12

Recording and Live Band Lineup:
Jay Arriaga – Drums, Keyboards, Samples
Kevin Armstrong – Guitar
Brian Fausnaugh – Bass
Andre Accosta – Vocals

For more info:

Scattered Storm is an El Paso, Texas-based metal band which formed three years ago with the collaboration between Jay Arriaga (drums) from No Life on Earth, Years of Cold, and Kevin Armstrong (guitar) from Mondoshawan, Section 6. From there Andre Acosta from Pissing Razors, Hereafter the Wave and current No Life on Earth frontman joined the ranks on vocals. Having recorded a couple of songs on Bass for both Oblivion and In This Dying Sun, Brian Fausnaugh (Random Allusion, Limerance) finally joined the ranks full time replacing Eddie Garcia on bass. Scattered Storm recorded In This Dying Sun in 2021 at Javier’s Studio Empty Paradise Studios for its release on November 11th, 2022 via Blood Blast Distribution to follow their 2021 debut EP “Oblivion”.


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