HEADSPAWN shares a brand new powerful chapter within Groove Metal

The Brazilian Groove Metal has been growing a lot in recent years, and one of its strongest representatives is the band from Paraíba, HEADSPAWN. Making a strong sonority  with influences and references to great bands like SepulturaSoulflyMachine HeadSlipknot to Stone Sour and Alice In ChainsAlf Cantalice (vocals/guitar), J.P Cordeiro (bass) and Marconi Jr. (drums) unite cohesion, technique, harmony, melody and a heavy sound in their own exciting way.

Their last two releases, “Pretty Ugly People” (EP/2021) and “Pretty Ugly People Live” (EP/2022), available on streaming, have been praised by renowned musicians of the Brazilian metal scene, such as Jairo Guedz (The Troops Of Doom, ex-Sepultura), Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus) and Amilcar Cristofaro (Torture Squad, Matanza Ritual). Addressing themes such as schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic national political scenario with fury and melancholy, they have conquered a large portion of fans across the country.

Following this line, now with much more experience accumulated after many post-pandemic shows, the band has released on its youtube channel the new song “Brought Into This World”, first sample of what will be coming in the next and long-awaited full-length album.

Watch “Brought Into This World” at https://youtu.be/nCu9hqm4UGI
Recording (live), mixing, mastering and production by Studio 202, Teresina, Piaui.

The band comments that: “after one of our gigs in Teresina, Piaui, alongside the band Corona Nimbus, we stayed at a local ans well-known mansion called Multiverso. The owner asked us to take our instruments because he wanted to record a session with us, playing live in the studio of the house. We didn’t think twice about it, and when we got to the room we found an environment that was very well done in every detail, besides having excellent equipment. We recorded two songs, one of them being the yet unreleased “Brought Into This World” as a preview of our new album. The result pleased us very much, and we will never forget this opportunity.”

Currently, the power trio is still in pre-production on their as-yet untitled full and long-awaited debut album, which will feature 8 completely new tracks, due for release in the first half of 2023. Not only the Brazilian northeastern metal scene, which has been growing steadily in the last decades, is proud of this new prodigal son called HEADSPAWN, but also the whole Brazilian scene, lacking in respect, thanks for his existence!

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Photos by Rafael Passos