Heavy metallers REVOLTONS unveil the video for “Low Ranking Businessman”

Heavy metallers REVOLTONS 
unveil the video for “Low Ranking Businessman”

New album “Celestial Violence” out now
via Sleazy Rider Records

Italian heavy metallers REVOLTONS unveil the video for “Low Ranking Businessman”The song is taken from their seventh studio album “Celestial Violence” released in May via Sleazy Rider Records.

‘Low Ranking Businessman’ is that low-ranking entrepreneur who is not a true leader! He has not understood that his employees are like the cells of a human body, which metaphorically represents his company. The more you mistreat them, the more the body gets sicker until it dies, and so does his business! During the lockdown, especially here in Italy, we saw a lot of such people taking advantage of the situation to restructure their companies without taking human needs into account! We felt it was our duty to denounce this havoc! We would like to thank Ermes Massaro for his splendid portrayal of one of these characters!”, explains the band.
The video was made by Marco Falanga and Beatrice Demori (www.oround.it) and features Ermes Massaro as main actor. The paintings are by Giacomo Corona.
“Celestial Violence” was produced and mastered by Ivan Moni Bidin and Christopher Burelli at Artesonika Studio.
The artwork was designed by REVOLTONS’ bass player Simone Sut at N.B.S. Imagination & Design.

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Antonio Boscari: Vocals
Alex Corona: Guitars
Carlo Venuti: Guitars
Elvis Ortolan: Drums
Simone “Zimon” Sut: Bass