The UK’s extreme metal executioners Hellfekted unleash their new single, Death Of Iron!

With axe or noose or knife; or with his gnarled and malformed hands and prodigious strength…he is a life-taking machine. His hood has become his face and death his reason to breathe. Nothing exists beyond the rush of blood, the breaking of bones and the death rattle that signifies another task complete. He is the executioner; any other name lost in a past hidden behind a curtain of crimson rain…

Out on November 4th, Death Of Iron is the new single from the UK’s rising extreme metal executioners, Hellfekted – and the band’s most focussed and accomplished release to date. The crisp, crunching riffs delivered by frontman Liam Stubbs and his new partner in six string destruction, Rebecca Webster, bite down harder than ever before, snarling above the lead weight rhythmic foundations laid down by bassist Chris Brownrigg and another new recruit, drummer extraordinaire Matt Faulks. Since the release of their 2019 debut single, Fire At Will, Hellfekted have been known for their raw, blistering energy and blackened thrash attack, but with Death Of Iron there’s a newfound maturity in evidence – a colossal hammer blow of power laced with melodic awareness and song writing skill. Stubbs’ vocals tear at the throat with an imperious venom and the guitar solos scythe through the massed ranks of steel clad riffs. The fury of thrash, the muscle and firepower of death metal and an ominous shadow of darkness combine with a new level of skill and gritted-teeth control to elevate Hellfekted to heights only hinted at by their previous output. The band’s 2020 album Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood garnered an impressive array of plaudits and critical acclaim, but that was just the beginning. Death Of Iron is the herald of a new age of Hellfekted…an incendiary era of metallic might is dawning!

Recorded at Sphynx Studios (Fleshgod Apocalypse etc) Death Of Iron sounds absolutely devastating, combining a vicious, serrated edge with stunning clarity that allows every thunderous drum fill, every caustic lyric to be appreciated. Complete with artwork created by Nino Andaresta (WitchpitNocturnalNecromantia etc) this is one of the most compelling and convincing singles of the year. Just wait until the new album hits…


“…face melting riffs…” – THE RAZOR’S EDGE

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