Hellgrimm’s song, “Monster in Me,” from their newly-released album, “The Hunger,” has been updated and re-recorded for an upcoming TV series based on the award-winning novel, “Lowie Mortem – Chronicles of a Dead Detective.” Written by J. Rene Munz, the show will be directed by George Ortiz (House of the Demon, 2007). Filming will take place in Puerto Rico in 2022. Hellgrimm’s song, “Sin after Sin” will also be featured in the series

Hellgrimm released their third album, “The Hunger,” on June 1, 2021, and is hitting the road in March 2022 for multiple tour dates. Hellgrimm’s first full-length LP features ten tracks written in 2018-19 and recorded in 2020 with Jerry Connor on guitar and Erica Missey on vocals and drums and both musicians sharing bass tracks.

Hellgrimm is endorsed by Lang amps and My Little Voodoo.

“The Hunger” is available on downloads and streaming and on CD: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1VQjly9KGnrwIEpiiLq6LA

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