HIGHER GROUND rescues black music roots and releases debut album “KINGS OF GROOVE” on Black Consciousness Day

More than a tool for artistic expression, music has always been a strong historical ally of the black movement. In this way, genres such as blues, soul and funk became true mouthpieces for the dreams and ills of this social segment – ​​which they saw in the courageous act of composing an opportunity for resistance and telling their stories to the world.

Bringing in its blood the same groove and swing of icons such as Steve Wonder, Marvin Gaye and George Benson, HIGHER GROUND took on this necessary responsibility to rescue the roots of black music here in Brazil and celebrate modernity in 21st century black music.

This is the background contained in the nine tracks of “KINGS OF GROOVE” , the long-awaited debut album by the São Paulo group HIGHER GROUND , which comes with an organic and original proposal to recover the atmosphere and charm of the dancing nights of the 1970s and 1980 in an update of the genre, but without leaving aside all the characteristics that marked the time.

In recent months, singles such as the sensual “DO ME RIGHT” , the danceable “GOT TO BE MY LOVE” and the energetic “OUT OF MY WAY BACK HOME ” have gained exclusive clips and have fans anticipating the release of the full album. Now, on this November 20th – Black Consciousness Day – the perfect opportunity for “ KINGS OF GROOVE ” to come into the world arose.

“We are very proud to finally be able to share with our fans the result of hard work and dedication! ‘Kings of Groove’ reflects all the roots of black music in a very natural and organic way, showing Brazil the importance of this movement and how it is worked and produced nowadays”, says CARL LEE D’ANGELLO , vocalist and guitarist of the group.

On the writing process for some of the singles, CARL LEE D’ANGELLO says:

“On ‘Out Of My Way Back Home,’ the story was different. Me, Diego and Gu wrote back there, but then we changed our costumes. We decided to speed up and add a horn line, following a more afrobeat feel, already giving a taste of what the band has to offer in faster songs”.

“The song ‘Do Me Right’ was even recorded in an extended version, but it was modified and reduced to go on the record. The clip has just premiered and the repercussion is being very good! The coolest thing is that I wrote this song for my wife!”.

Listen to Higher Ground on digital platforms:

Amazon Music:https://amzn.to/3ffIouv



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