Houston Rock Outfit ‘Diosa’ Drops Latest Single ‘Old Serpent’

Press Photo Credit – Ernest Vasquez

Fresh from appearing at Metalhead Meeting Festival in Bucharest where they played with  legendary band Pantera, Houston TX rock band Diosa release their latest single ‘Old Serpent’. 

“Old Serpent” delves into the deep-rooted struggles of alcohol abuse and the stifling grip it has had on the family. This emotionally charged song reflects a range of emotions, from anger and rage to an uplifting sense of triumph. A deeply personal track this draws from the bands personal experiences, having broken the cycle of alcoholism, to create a track that resonates with authenticity.

With a keen focus on the live aspect of their music, Diosa crafted “Old Serpent” with the intention of connecting with their audience during their exhilarating live shows. The band channelled their creative energy into ensuring that the chorus is both massive and memorable, allowing fans to passionately sing along and get the song stuck in their heads. 

“We believe that ‘Serpent’ embodies strength and resilience,” say the band  “This song holds deep personal significance for me, as I have broken free from the stranglehold of alcoholism. Our aim is for our fans and all who listen to this song to experience the same sense of empowerment and find solace in their own struggles.”

Diosa is:

Justin – singer/guitar
Julian  – drums, 
Luis  – lead guitar
Tyler  – bass

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