By Chelf

  • Stick to your unpopular opinions.

I once asked Sakis on an interview how come they get in trouble so often. He laughed and said that they won’t back off. They stick to their values even when times get hard. By the way, you can check out that interview right here. Popularity and accuracy are not the same. Sticking to your principles even when the entire society seems to be against that, takes whole lotta balls. Rotting Christ will speak their mind but they will not shame others for not being on the same page. They will, however, lead by example by keep doing what they think is right. At the end of the day, who do you want to be in good terms with? Yourself or society? That’s your answer, right there.

  • Help others rise

Rotting Christ continually create positive ties and trust with lesser-known bands and artists. In a sea of negative antagonism and inherently destructive benchmarking they take the high road and show the entire world how it’s done. They mentor, inspire and assist others. The truth is we rise by lifting others and the fastest way to succeed is to help others succeed to the best of your ability. So if you find yourself in a place which gives you the power to hinder one’s success and you feel tempted you shouldn’t have been given that power in the first place.

  • Ditch the diva attitude

There’s a massive difference between building healthy self-respect and becoming high maintenance. We are all equally significant and equally insignificant so for the love of whatever you find holy, don’t take yourself too seriously. I haven’t heard a single person badmouthing Sakis and there’s a good reason for that. He is grounded, humble and acts like a normal person. A sense of entitlement will only cause you harm in the long run. Unpretentious, down to earth and unassuming are the words that come to mind when I think of Rotting Christ, which trust me is a massive part of their success

  • Find a theme and stick to your branding

Branding matters and if you think that you are too punk-rock to fit in that scenario, reconsider. Even a hardcore punk rock attitude is branding material and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you define yourself, your band or your brand in a way that reflects your true morals and values, it’s all good. A proper, good branding should aim towards creating a memorable impression of your work and will help you target the right audience; the people that you truly want to connect with.

  • Be relatable and connect to your audience

Besides killer riffs and screams, what makes Rotting Christ so well-liked is that they are relatable and connect with people. They show a true face and that’s a) humane and b) good business. And I don’t even think they did that on purpose, it’s just who they really are. By keeping it real they create a sense of true connection with their fans.

  • Be prompt and consistent

There’s more to being a rock star than touring the world and doing autographs in corpse paint. To get to this point you need to armor yourself with punctuality, proper demeanor, ability to meet deadlines and show up on time, work ethics and perseverance. Be prompt, respectful and trustworthy to earn your crown. It worked for RC, after all.

I know you desperately want more pics of them so here’s a visual diary of their latest tour.


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