Huri Hau is a progressive metal band with movie soundtrack influences, created by Sebastián Sandoval (Rhythm Guitar) in 2019 in which the first idea was to develop the music of a story he had written.

In 2020 he showed some demos to Daniel Arciga (Lead Guitar) who is his best friend and made the decision to make it a metal band. Shortly after development, Mike Irving joined on bass, who shares an incredible passion for video game soundtracks, creating a unique bass lines within the genre combining sounds under the influence of games like Megaman. Rpgs from the 90’s, etc.

After a month of rehearsals and arrangements, the band contacted Jennifer Dalí who, include a powerful, melancholic and aggressive voice intoning and marking each phase of the songs.

Once they finished the demo of the first song of the album “Vanishing” they decided to get a drummer, and contact Rodrigo Jimenez, Adding an exquisite combination of percussion and drums that will catch the drummers of the world.

On 2021 they enter recording on Twilight Studios with Paul Wrath from Cerberus as producer.
On September 20, 2021, the people of the world will be able to know the story of Ameyalli, a girl inspired by the lost cultures of Mexico, who decides to go to the city to study and finds all the evils that afflict the country. Racism, consumerism, woman agression, loneliness, depression, love and empathy.

Join Huri Hau through this concept album “Radical Dreamers” and travel hand in hand with Ameyalli.


Disturbingly Good


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