If there was any evidence needed for I’LL BE DAMNED‘s cynical outlook on the world in general and the musical industry in particular, here’s an 8-minute song that closes out their upcoming album, “Culture”… released as a single! Faith No More vibes all over the slow, moody beginning, interluded by an even more introspective section, just to return even more doomish towards an almost climax ending. If there is a sound for cynicism and disappointment, that sound is definitely “Forever, Right?”.

“Forever, Right?” is out now in digital single and official video formats. Check out the video in the link below.

In 2022 I’ll Be Damned is at it again. Armed with a constant flow of inspiration from a world gone mad, the Danish band is pissed off about politics, religion, the media and society in general. The new album, “Culture”, is more well-structured than the prior albums regarding both riffing and overall songwriting. And, with brilliant production value – courtesy of the producer Tue Madsen and his Antfarm Studios – the Nordic five- piece has finally reached the potential they promised in their previous two albums and explosive live appearances. 

With the addition of two new members, Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-Grope, ex-Hatesphere) on drums and Mark Damgaard on vocals, I’ll Be Damned has matured in a musical way that has led to a more serious approach to the writing process. This is showcased with an album – coming after “Road To Disorder” (2018) and “I’ll Be Damned” (2017) – containing less humour, darker and more aggressive riffs followed up by explosive vocals and lyrics that include themes such as anger, desperation and hopelessness rather than sarcasm and irony. However, the thematics of “Culture” still revolve around hatred towards religion and politics, but also newer forms of extreme cultural diversities. 

Backed with influences such as Clutch, Down and Rage Against The Machine, I’ll Be Damned fuses a potent yet melodic and groovy punch in your face with lyrical sharpness and unifying paroles – with an attitude. 

“Culture” will be released on digital, CD and LP (transparent orange vinyl, limited to 300 units) via Mighty Music on November 25th, 2022.

Mark Damgaard – vocals 
Boris Tandrup – guitars 
Kristian Sloth – lead guitars 
Jens Lunde – bass 
Anders Gyldenøhr – drums 

Digital single:



Photo by Frederik Angelo Lunde Jacobsen

“Culture” tracklist:

1. FuckYouMoney
2. Run Me Over
3. Primal Fear
4. Hell Come (Take Me Now)
5. Anything You Hand Me
6. Let Me Bleed
7. Through The Walls
8. Good Talk, Not Happening
9. Forever, Right?


Disturbingly Good


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