Imaginaerium, the band originally formed by Eric BouilletteClive Nolan & Laura Piazzai, announced that their concept album ”The Rise of Medici” will be out on September 30th via Anesthetize Productions.

‘’The album features some of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici. Their lives were far more intricate and complex than this album can possibly put across, so we simply offer a small part of their dramatic place in history.”

Limited special edition in a 28 page hand-numbered hardback earbook with bonus CD: released on September 30th, 2022. 

Preorder available now: until August 21st, your name included in the booklet!



Title: The Rise of Medici [Special Edition]

Release Date: 30/09/2022    

Style: Prog Rock/Opera Rock   

Format: Ear Book 2CDs

Country: UK    

Label: Anesthetize Productions

Composed by Eric Bouillette & Clive Nolan
    Lyrics : Clive Nolan

Karl Groom: drum set up and editing
  Mix & mastering : Alexandre Lamia
 Artwork © Steve Anderson   
   Cover painting by Kim Ouzo 

 CD1 (54’00)

 1. Festina lente
 2. Duty of love
 3. House of dreams
 4. Tide will change
 5. Never close your eyes
 6. Glass throne
 7. Treachery
 8. Fall from grace
 9. Will I never return
 10. Fortunes reverse
 11. Return of Medici
 12. Legacy

      CD Bonus (35’00)

      1. Fortune Reverse – Clive & Laura Mix 
      2. Duty of Love – Bonus Mix 
      3. Legacy – Duet with Andy & Laura 
      4. Never close your Eyes – Harp Mix with Laura 
      5. Fall from grace – Duet Elena & Laura 
      6. Fortune Reverse – Guitar mix 
      7. Festina Lente – Laura Mix 
      8. Tide will change – Instrumental Mix 
      9. Interview with Eric 
      10. Interview with Laura 
      11. Interview with Clive 
Total Playtime: 89’00


Clive Nolan: composition, arrangements, lyrics, keyboards, drum recording, vocals – Rinaldo
Eric Bouillette: composition, arrangements, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, violin

Laura Piazzai: vocals – Contessina
Andy Sears: vocals – Cosimo
Elena Vladyuk: vocals – Lucrezia
Mark Spencer: vocals – Monks
Scott Higham: drums
Bernard Hery: bass
Isabella Cambini: harp


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