Incandesca sign with Alien Swarm Records

11/04/2022 – Bangor, Maine USA: Upstart label Alien Swarm Records announced today that modern Metal act Incandesca has joined their roster. 

The label had this to say about band, “Incandesca is one of those great artist that’s not easily placed into one specific sub-genre. Their ability to meld different styles makes them an interesting and appealing act to add to our roster. We’re very excited to work with them, and help them continue to evolve on their journey.”


Location: Old Town, Maine

FFO: Haste The Day, Trivium, Lamb Of God

Short Bio:

Formed as a studio project in 2012 by song-writer Chris Lyons and vocalist Billy Lever The two musicians laid the foundation for what would grow into Incandesca. They spent the first 8 years demoing songs before releasing their self-produced full length album Home Is Where The Heart Rots in 2020. 

In 2022 they went from studio project to full band. With bassist Latoya Marshall and drummer Christian Leathers joining the fray. Since then they have released a self-titled EP and are currently in the studio working on a follow up.   

Vocals: Billy Lever
Guitar: Chris Lyons
Bass: Latoya Marshall 
Drums: Christian Leathers