Artwork • “Give ‘Em Hell
 All Things Rotten

CD, Vinyl & Digital • Release: July 12, 2024 
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01. Lock’n Load (00:45)
 02. Give ‘Em Hell (03:09)
03. Full Speed Ahead (04:07)
04. Warriors (04:30)
05. Stay Dead! (03:32)
06. Lights Out (04:26)
07. Hellfire (04:27)
08. Creature Of The Night (03:27)
09. Killing Machine (03:42)

total: 32:05 min.

The band says about the new title track:
“‘Give ‘Em Hell‘ is a pretty straightforward meat & potatoes kinda Heavy Metal song, packed with rapid-fire riffs, explosive bass & drums, high octane vocals, and a blistering solo. It was an instant no-brainer to release this track as the first single as it perfectly represents the overall vibe and sonic intensity of the entire album. It’s got the band firing on all cylinders and is guaranteed to get your fists pumping and turn adrenaline levels up to eleven!”

Guitarist Shasank has a lot to say about the new full-length release:
“Songwriting for the album began sometime in June 2023 when we got back from our second successful European tour. We only had one song idea to start with and had to write the rest from scratch, but since we were all pumped up thanks to the kick-ass response we received during the tour, the remaining songs came together pretty quickly and we completed the writing process by December.

In terms of songwriting, the approach was the same as always and we didn’t consciously do anything different or try to reinvent the wheel! Our approach has always been to keep ti simple and write songs that give us the same feel and excitement we get when listening to our favorite Heavy Metal bands such as Judas Priest or Accept to name a few. We are extremely happy with the end result and we hope you like ti as much as we do.” 

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Photo Credit:  Into The Lens

Siri Sri • Vocals, Bass
M Sravan Chakravarthi • Guitars, Vocals
Shasank Venkat • Lead Guitars
Noble John • Drums


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