Ingrimm ‘Auf Gedeih Und Verderb’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Hardy Entertainment/Folk Metal

It has been a quiet few years for Ingrimm on the release front with the German folk metallers last delivering the album ‘Henkt ihn!’ back in 2014. Finally, 2020 sees the band returning once more with their latest album ‘Auf Gedeih Und Verderb’.

Fans of Ingrimm will not be disappointed to know that their latest offering shows the band holding relentlessly to their guns and doing what they do best. ‘Auf Gedeih…’ has band barrelling forward with all the power of medieval trebuchet; after being away, they have something to prove. Once again, Ingrimm deliver their music in their native tongue, providing a decent dynamic to their sound which swings from almost melodic death metal grinding through emotional poetic musings and foot-stomping drinking songs. Furthermore, the addition of the violin alongside world instruments such as bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy give this album all the appeal of Korpiklaani, Ragnaröek and Eluveitie, yet the band manage add their own edge to this sound that allows tracks such as ‘Ich bin ein Mann’ and ‘Albtraum’ to stand out as some of Ingrimm’s best work.

Yet sadly, ‘Auf Gedeih…’ is just not that memorable. It is certainly fun when it is being played, but unfortunately, the album has very little staying power and it is difficult to recall anything of worth once the album has finished.

Rating : 50/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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