Party hard and mosh even harder with the reissue of ‘Moshburger,’ the 2016 feel-good opus from crossover thrashers INSANITY ALERT. Not only does the Austrian party brigade know how to craft the perfect anthem for beer drinkers and bong rippers, but they are also asking the important questions here, like “Why Is David Guetta Still Alive?” 

In celebration, INSANITY ALERT is releasing a brand new live video for the track “Desinfektor,” which was shot during their performance at the mighty Wacken Open Air in August 2022. The clip can be seen at THIS LOCATION.

INSANITY ALERT comments: “Couldn’t still your hunger for Thrash lately? Guess what! ‘MOSHBURGER’ will do! Our second and sold-out album will be re-issued via Season of Mist Records on December 9! And since every good meal needs an appetizer, we will pregame this party with the release of a new live video: Bang your head to one of Moshburger’s finest: “Desinfektor” – performed at this year’s Wacken Open Air!”

The new juicy moshburger is served in a crispy digipak, two crunchy vinyl editions, and various slices of merch designs on the side. It will be released on December 9 Pre-orders are now available HERE.

‘Moshburger’ Tracklist:
1. Disco Demolition (1:51)
2. Life’s Too Short For Longboards (1:49)
3. Pact With Satan (2:20)
4. Desinfector (1:53)
5. The Times Are A-Thrashin’ (1:33)
6. Why Is David Guetta Still Alive? (0:52)
7. Wake & Bake (2:46)
8. Lord Kill-A-Lot (1:42)
9. Gonna Rip Your Head Off (1:22)
10. March Of The Mentally Ill (1:57)
11. Confessions Of A Crabman (1:39)
12. Make Up Your Mind Or Die (1:12)
13. Slimer’s Revenge (1:26)
14. Metal Punx Never Die! (2:12)
15. Mushroom Cloud (1:45)
Total: 26:19

The world of INSANITY ALERT is a dark yet happy place. Fast, aggressive music, crazy lyrics about alcohol, rage, weed, ignorance and hate, all drenched in an 80’s hot sauce but played with a 2019 attitude. The band emerged from the Austrian city of Innsbruck in 2011, with only one intent: deliver crushing, crossover party thrash.

A tongue-in-cheek concept backed up by strong musical prowess worked out extremely well as ‘First Diagnosis’ proved in 2012. This demo was welcomed with open arms and the first impression of the public quickly confirmed by ‘Second Opinion’, which came out the year after. In 2014, debut album, ‘Insanity Alert’ delighted critics and fans alike and was reissued four years later by Season of Mist. The wild Tyrolians, always eager to please, next served a juicy ‘Moshburger’ (2016).

With ‘666-pack’ (2019) the band proves once more to be an unstoppable force. Whether it is dropping a to-the-point, crossover track such as “The Body Of The Christ is The Parasite” or INSANITY ALERT-esque interpretations of classics like “Saturday Grind Fever”, the groove will have you headbanging in no time with a smirk on your face. Having confirmed their first festivals for 2019 and riding the wave of the thrash metal revival, INSANITY ALERT can’t wait to return to the stage and share (a) 666-pack with you!
Style: Crossover Party Thrash

The Dave of Death – Guitar
Don Melanzani – Drums
Heavy Kevy – Vocals
Marcy Brownnose – Bass

05 Nov 22 Manchester (UK) Damnation Festival
24 Nov 22 Strasbourg (FR) La Maison Bleue
25 Nov 22 Dijon (FR) Les Tanneries
26 Nov 22 Lembras (FR) Lembarzique Café
27 Nov 22 Saint Jean De Vedas (FR) Secret Place

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