London-based rockers Insolace express their unique style with their immersive music video for “Calm”! Despite the release’s name, the respective visual presentation is anything but that, with the band’s energy being present in full force, as it perfectly showcases the nature of the accompanying song. “Calm” is sure to entice all rock fans through its both melodic and aggressive influences co-existing together, including relatable lyrical themes and its genuine and affecting nature. The single surely provides a good taste of the level of product that is to be expected by the formation and with their debut album underway, the future looks bright for Insolace.


Discussing further the missive of the release, Insolace collectively comment: “From broken hearts to raging anger, the lyrical content tells a story in how love and trust can easily be turned into bitterness and revenge; simply through an act of dishonesty. Accompanied by hard hitting riffs and melodic harmonies, we feel this track truly portrays the instinctive reaction felt when angst and negativity is instilled into us by others.”


Disturbingly Good


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