Interview With Crimson Reign

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever, I’m Keith, how are you doing?

  • Great. Thanks.


Can you tell us about Crimson Reign and how it all started?

  • Crimson Reign began with a few original song ideas and the decision to push forward as an original act with our sights set to the very top. That mentality and drive has led us to set ourselves apart and  do what most bands never can or will. We are evolving into what we have set out to be even as we speak. We have several things in the works right now and all with our memories of playing Hell And Heaven Fest 2018 exactly 1 year ago today. That experience put EVERYTHING into a clear perspective with even higher ambitions and we look forward to completing our realization of what we are working on now and showcasing it to our fans.


Last year you performed in the Festival “Hell and Heaven” in Mexico City with some of the icons in metal history, tell us how was the experience to share the stage with them?

  • It was like crossing through the barrier of fantasy and reality where the fantasy BECAME reality. It was what our whole lives have been about so to be part of that, it was like finally arriving home and being welcomed on the grandest of levels. Nothing ever felt so right. It’s where we belong because it’s who we are. We were definitely in heaven. That day, every part of our pasts looked different and made more sense than ever. It was a life changing experience.


Your new album is expected this year, and you said earlier in a statement that this will be a new level with lots of changes, can you tell us how it is coming up?

  • Absolutely. The single we released, “The Darker Side Of Life”, acts as the bridge between what we have done and what we are incorporating into our more advanced, evolving direction. This album will have quiet an array of sounds and killer vibes that we know will be our defining sound and writing direction that we have sought after for so long. The next single is something very different that definitely has its own voice on the album. The lyrics are very sexual so it pulls away from the darker elements that the rest of the album will be bringing with it. Definitely not a song to have your children sing along with. Haha. We will be releasing it as a lyric video once that video is complete. It is currently underway as of 3 days ago.


What are the other plans for the band apart from the new album?

  • We are stepping up our live performance stage presentation and intend to play as many concerts and festivals as possible in the US, Europe, and possibly even China to promote the new album and take ourselves to the next level for the fans.


What are some of your musical influences?

Listen to the music and you will know \,,/ 😉 \,,/


Do you have a message for the fans?

  • Stay tuned!

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