Interview With Son Of A Shotgun

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Chief Editor, How are you today Ivan Meathook Gujic?

Greetings bro. Doing just fine, but I wish I was fucked up drunk!

In September this year you announced the complete line-up for the band, how was the searching to find out the talents?

I was really lucky. I found all of them in our city. Kristiansand. They are young, extremely good musicians and hungry for some ass kicking.

From and one man band to a 4 piece member band, how do you feel about this, what makes the best for you?

There is more spirit in the band, now. We jam out all the new songs, get input from the others and live performance  is more aggressive and visually more entertaining.  We are gonna be 6 piece band.

2 guitars, 2 drummers(Perk), Bass and Vocal

I think it is a must to talk about the drummer Kristoffer Lunden, He is on a goal to be the fastest drummer in Norway and the world, what do  you think of him, do you feel you got all that is needed for the band?

Oh definitely…..I got some bad motherfuckerz with me! Kristoffer is a monster…..I think he killed the speed record in Norway on he`s feet. 400 bpm something….

Him and me….we got a weird connection. I think of a drum groove, come to practice and he is playing the same groove that I taught of…..its pretty mindblowing.

 What are the next plans for the band?

I build a studio in my garage. Invested in top notch recording equipment and we recorded drums (one song) and I send the files to the guitar player from Cryptopsy (Christian Donaldson) for mixing.

Im listening to the recordings……and the brutality and aggression kick me right in the fucking face!

Been making music for a while, what are some of the hardest obstacles that you have faced?

People! Some motherfuckerz should be on the goddamn noose hanging.

Do you have a message for the fans?

I wish that I could bring you all to my place in Kristiansand, where we could fire up the barb and get annihilated on whiskey!


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