Interview with Telepathy W Richard Powley (Guitars)

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever, I’m Keith, how are you today?

Hey Keith! Doing good today, another day under quarantine!


Burn Embrace is getting released tomorrow, can you tell about the production and writing process behind it?

Yes! Burn Embrace took about 10 months to compose and was mostly written between tours for our previous album Tempest. During the writing we would relocate to various studios around the UK, usually in the wilderness, to write and hang out at the weekends.

This really gave us some time to be free of distractions and focus on making each song as good as it could possibly be.

We recorded the album in the summer of 2019 at Orgone Studios with Jaime Gomez Arellano over the course of a month. The whole aim for the recording was to top our previous album Tempest in terms of emotion, tones and production values.

We really wanted the truest representation of what Telepathy is, and so that meant a lot of time spent focusing on guitar tones, drum sounds and all that fun stuff.

It’s been 3 years since the last album “Tempest”  did you guys took a break?

 Absolutely not – we played 150+ shows during these years, and wanted to spend this time pushing this release and showcasing what the band is really all about, and that’s the live show.

This took us all across Europe with bands like Solstafir, Saint Vitus, Bongripper and Rosetta. And lead to some of our favourite experiences as a band and friends.

I think you need to do a certain amount of living between album, otherwise you could find that you’re repeating yourself.

How did it all started for you guys?

This was back in 2011, after Albert and Piotr moved to the UK from Poland, we all met at a music tech college and instantly bonded over weird and obscure heavy music.

Tell me about your musical influences?

This is always the trickiest question to answer as we all have such varied listening tastes, so here’s some stuff i’m pretty sure we all agree on at the moment: Metallica, The Cure, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Neurosis, Fall of Efrafa, Disfear, Fleetwood Mac, Deftones, Torche, Ulver and a lot more that would take me an eternity to list!

As things turned away with the Pandemic Covid 19, It can be a hard for bands, when it comes to tour, how do you plan to overcome the situation?

Well right now all we can do is wait and see when this quarantine will be lifted, unfortunately. We would love nothing more than being out on road supporting this new album and seeing our friends and fans across UK and Europe.

I can say that right now we are rescheduling the UK tour for the winter, and that we have a lot more stuff booked and planned across Europe for 2020, but when or if this will be possible, we just don’t know at the moment.

What would be the next plans for the band?


As i said before, we are anxiously awaiting the chance to get back in the rehearsal room, and get back out on tour once the restrictions here in the UK are lifted. This could be some time though!

At the moment we are doing everything we can to give some interaction to the fans from our houses, and are busying ourselves starting some ideas for the next album.

What would be the most memorable moment for Telepathy?

Ah there’s so many! One thing that comes to mind is sittingbackstage in Switzerland with Scott Reagers and Dave from Saint Vitus and chatting shit about the old DC punk scene and Black Flag etc, a real pinch yourself moment for us.

Similarly, Playing Roadburn was nothing short of spectacular, as we are all massive fans of the festival and many of the bands we played with.

Do you have a message for the fans and readers of the magazine?

Thanks for reading and checking out the band. We truly appreciate each and every one of you listening to the band or sending us comments and messages during this super difficult time.

 If you want to support the band the best thing you can do is pick up some of the limited merchandise and vinyl on our webstore!


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