Interview With Tom Maxwell Of Hell Yeah

By Keith Clement

A great moment to spend some time on one of the biggest Super Group Metal Band “Hell Yeah” It was a great pleasure to speak to the legendary Tom Maxwell.

The Band has gone through changes in the line-up and it was a tragic incident losing the founding member and Iconic and Legendary “Vinnie Paul” last year due to the sudden death which shocked the whole world and has impacted Hell Yeah a lot.

We had some few moments with Tom on this Interview with some of our questions.

The Current Hell Yeah Are:

Chad Gray On Lead Vocals

Christian Brady on Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Tom Maxwell on Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Kyle Sanders on Bass

Roy Mayorga on Drums (Touring)


Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Tom, How are you doing today?

I’m doing well, how are you man


Welcome Home was out last month, how has things going on so far?

It was a great album, and things are going alright with us.

The Loss of the Legendary Vinnie Paul is a huge loss for the band and the metal community, and this album is the tribute to  the legendary Vinnie Paul, how you guys feeling about this?


Vinnie is an amazing friend and band mate, its hard for us each day, To work with him is an amazing thing, we are all heart broken by his loss, but the band is going on and we are working to make things better.


How does Hell Yeah Look into the future after Vinnie Paul’s passing?


We are touring as of now, things are going ok, but Vinnie Paul cannot be replaced, he is him, no one can replace what he has set upon. Honestly speaking we are not sure about the future of Hell Yeah.


What are the next plans for the band?


Currently we are on tour and it will go for mid of 2020, and right now we don’t have a plan for another album.

What is the best moment in Hell Yeah so far?

Every single day playing for the fans and be there on the stage before the fans is the best moment and playing along with the band, nothing greater than that.


Do you have a message for the fans?


Thanks for the amazing support, and will see you soon. Stay good

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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