Interview With Trevor Strnad 

By Keith Clement

Hey Trevor, How are you doing?

Good Man, How are you? It’s ok just hanging on in lockdown, I traveled from South Africa a week ago, so was on self quarntine.


Verminous is set to be released on April 17th, can you tell me about the album production and the writing process?

It’s the same way, the two guitarists do the work and send me the demo and I put it together, This time it’s quite different like before, Lots of dynamics and song individuality, as we get older, we are trying to make it a lot better.


The album is one of the amazing one I heard this year, great riffs of heaviness, brutal and amazing? Every album gets better than the other, how do you feel about it?


We are really creative now with the current line up, we are older and wiser now than 10 years ago by now, Our approaches, technical ideas comes real good with age and time.


What is the basic concept you have put behind this album Verminous?

Its a sort of concept, Death metal is a plague and we are the rats that is spreading it away, its the music of the underdog, and the cover art is like an underground kingdom in the sewer.

As the current situation has put everything to a standstill, what would be your next plans?

Well we kind of waiting to hear on what happen to our tours, and Chuck(Testament) is  down with Corona virus , so we are hoping things will get back in time, and summer tours are cancelled in Europe, so just looking back to normal business.

How long you have planned to tour in support of this album, before you step into studio again?

Yeah we are just going to tour much as we can, and feel about that and how the fans going to love this, last album was successful, and tour went for 3 years, and we will see from that to see what to do next.

How has the journey been for The Black Dahlia Murder?

It’s an amazing ride for us, its been almost 20 years, it went so fast, the band is still slowly getting bigger and bigger and its more that what i can ever ask for. Its a great thing that Metal Blade saw us and signed us, Its my dream getting realized and I’m trying to maintain it.

What could be one of the craziest moment you ever had?

It was when “Nocturnal” album came out, we were out on open stage, there’s almost 40,000 people, that was a big crazy moment.I was like wow

Have you seen any crazy fan that you can never forget ?

Ahh yes there a lot of crazy guys, People punch each other on the faces, that’s scary man, and some guys have sex with their girlfriend in the arena, Fans are crazy and some are really cool, they love us, and we are always reachable to the fans.

What is your favorite song from the new album “Verminous”?

I would say the third track from the album “Removal Of the Oaken Stake” its melancholic vibe, its just really majestic, Brandon wrote it, I just like the new approach that we have never done, very powerful and majestic sound.

Do you have a message for the fans?

We are trying to expand our horizons, Every album we try to reach to new lands, we try to conquer more new places this time.

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