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By Chelf

Summer of 2019.

June 1st. They took us back 152 years.

What does one pack to travel back to 1867?

To a year when the summer never came to Sweden. A devastating famine ravaged throughout the country. The scars from the starvation and the failed crops can be seen until these days out in the isolated provinces.

The isolationist became a part of our daily rituals.

July 26th. Time for a new chapter.

What does one pack to travel into the future?

Their new album ‘NATTARVET’ will be released on the 26th of July, under the strong and powerful banner of BLACK LODGE.

Ghostlands has been playing on repeat here, on my side of the world, regardless of the time of the day, my or my neighbor’s mood, apparently. It’s the kind of album that heals all sorts of wounds of a bleeding mind, with outbursts of flowing melody, haunting vocals and aggressive, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired riffs followed by blackened atmospheric elements that were most certainly not lost in the mist.

Word has it that ‘NATTARVET’ will be darker.

We are ready to embark on another journey with Wormwood.

But before that, let’s lighten up a bit and get to know the band a bit better through a series of ‘This or That’ questions.

Clean vocals or screaming into the void?

– Oh, so I need to choose now?

Well, I´ll say screaming into the void then.

It works with everything.

Call or text?

– Text for short informative communication. Call for more complicated stuff.

Massive venues or smaller clubs hence more intimate crowds (as performers)?

-Massive venues to keep the rockstar dream alive.

Work hard or play hard?

-If you mean to work hard at the day time job, I definitely prefer to play hard.

But I can sure work hard for the band and then play soft tunes.

Free food for life or free booze for a year?

– A few years ago I would choose the free booze, without a doubt.

Now I am older and need more food to fill the growing belly region of my body.

Sound pollution or complete silence forever?

-Complete silence (At home).

Faceless crowds or forever an isolationist?

– Hmmm… An isolationist in the 1860´s

Redefining melodic Swedish metal or sticking to a known and trusted musical path?

– Redefining. I would rather redefine everything creative that walk trusted paths.

Recording a new album with the original Mayhem or performing live with Satyricon?

– The live performance. In the studio, I don’t need too many other voices on how to write songs. It would just end up being a walk down the trusted path.

Unbearably hot summers or unbearably cold winters?

-Easy! I am of a nordic breed. My blood boils when it is too hot.

But it takes more than an unbearably cold winter for it to freeze.

Touring the world without a break or being stuck in the recording studio making new music?

– In the long run, spending time in the studio would be the least unhealthy choice.


Would you like to share your thoughts and aspirations regarding the upcoming album?

– Oh, yeah!

NATTARVET will be something new for the metalheads of the world.

At the same time, we´re throwing light at a very rough time in Swedish history that I believe will be interesting for an international audience.

It is very deep and diverse in its style, but if you know WORMWOOD since before you´ll know it works just great!

Black Metal, Rock, Atmosphere and Folk in the finest blend is what defines us as a band, and hopefully your future taste in music as well.


Tobias Rydsheim of Wormwood

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