To celebrate today’s re-release of extreme progressive metal pioneers INTO ETERNITY’s hard-to-find 1999 self-titled debut and their acclaimed 2008 concept album “The Incurable Tragedy,” the band has unveiled a visualizer for the rare track “Silence Through Virtue,” which appears on the newly-released CD and LP editions of their debut album. The clip – designed by Raf Ortega of Ecliptic Visions (Ayreon, The Absence) – can be seen at this location:

In addition to “Silence Through Virtue,” “Into Eternity” – which has never previously been available on vinyl – also includes three bonus demo tracks, as well as newly-written liner notes by founding guitarist Tim Roth and two of his former bandmates.

Says Roth, “Thanks a million to M-Theory Audio for finalizing this dream of getting our debut album properly released! It has taken us over 20 years, but the time is finally here. Originally, our first CD only had nine songs on it. In 1999, we entered a local Battle of the Bands, and we ended up winning $1000 of recording time. With that money, we ended up recording ‘Silence Through Virtue.’ On this song, there are some brutally heavy riffs, plus some nice clean vocals over the top mixed in with some death vocals as well. At the time, I wanted to try to add a bit more expression in my clean vocals, and I love the Iron Maiden-influenced guitar harmonies toward the end. I think this song sums up our early sound as a band and really combines some of our best heavy metal elements.”

Also out today is a first-ever vinyl release of the band’s 2008 concept album “The Incurable Tragedy,” their second recording with dynamic vocalist Stu Block (now in Iced Earth). The record – which also features drummer Steve Bolognese (Ross The Boss, Witherfall, Death Dealer) – was written after cancer claimed the lives of Roth’s father and two best friends, resulting in the most emotionally charged album of the band’s career. Commemorating its cancer theme, the album will be released on limited-edition (300 copies) lavender-colored vinyl. 

“This was the darkest, most difficult record of our career, but looking back 12 years later, it was an important album for us,” Roth says. “At the time, there was incredible personal tragedy happening, which is why the album turned out as dark as it did. Still, I have so many great memories of this lineup touring the world together and playing all over Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada and the USA. We’d be out touring on a death metal package and then we’d go right into a Hammerfall/Edguy Tour. There were no limits for us at the time. I hope every INTO ETERNITY fan will enjoy revisiting this album.”

Over the years, INTO ETERNITY has toured with many of metal’s A-list acts, including Megadeth, Lamb of God, Opeth, Dream Theater, Arch Enemy, Overkill and Symphony X. Their most recent album, “The Sirens,” hailed by Blabbermouth as “everything longtime fans would expect and want,” was released in 2018.


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