IRONWILL Announce “Metal Against Bullying” Project, First Event On December 8th

Italian guitarist, Salvo Dell’Arte, founder and mastermind of IRONWILL released their latest effort, full length album “Jonathan’Journey” on June 8th 2019, via Alpha Omega Records. “Jonathan’Journey” is a concept album with social content about bullying and personae evolution.

“Metal Against Bullying” project was created to raise awareness on this ‘sore reality’ that has too often infected the society of children and adolescents and that, with new technologies, experiments paths that are unimaginable as well as deleterious.

The first “Metal Against Bullying” event is set to take place on December 8th at Ziggy Club Torino, in collaboration with Arci Torino, Eikon Photographic Group and Salvo Dell’Arte. Event page:

7.30pm – Doors open
8.00pm – Introduction of the evening by Salvo Dell’Arte, Fabrizio Luzzo and psychologist Gabriella Gandino
10.30pm – Live Set: IRON WILL “Jonathan’s Journey”

– In support of the music, “Metal Against Bullying” is enriched by two graphic projects: the first is 11 tables designed by Cristina Iacoangeli, a Roman artist, who iconographically represent the lyrics of the “Jonathan’s Journey” album, with a modern comics vision, the second is the creation of a real comic strip with the screenplay by Toraldo Manfredi and drawings by Sandro Pizziolo.
– Furthermore the “Metal Against Bullying” project is enriched with a photographic project by the Eikon Photographic Group of Turin with artistic director Fabrizio Luzzo and various artists. The first path is formed by an installation consisting of five photographic works by Antonella Pino, with an ‘open ending’, and finished by three empty frames in which viewers can write in 10 words (as many as the CD songs) the ending they imagine: interactive participation in the installed work. Public participation will be limited to the first exhibitions after which the installation will become definitive.
– In addition, two photographic works by the artist David Vicario on the dualism of the soul will be exhibited for the first time.

Thank-you for your support!

“Jonathan’Journey” is a concept album with social content about bullying and personae evolution; the story of Jonathan, a kid victim of bullying who lost his soul in a mirror, creating a mask for himself and becoming in the decades of follow Ironwill, the man. Each song tells the passages from Jonathan to Ironwill, the steps of the evolution of the “refuge” character. At the end after falling into the hell of the pain of the soul, Ironwill finds his evolution as a man after the collapse of the dam and the reunion with Jonathan. The man and the child join hands and resume the path of life with the transparency and genuineness of Jonathan and the maturity of Ironwill. The project is enriched by the essential contribution of Marzio Francone as producer and drummer as well as Real Input.

IRONWILL involves on the bass Tony “The Fretless Monster” Franklin, who played with the most amazing musicians as Jimi Page, Paul Rodgers, Chris Slade, the Blue Murder, John Sykes, Carmine Appice, David Gilmour, Kate Bush, Whitesnake, Donna Lewis, Gary Hoey, Pat Travers). Each song is played by different singers: Piero Leporale (Uli Jon Roth, Michael, Angelo Batio, Andrea Braido, Vinny & Carmine Appice), Federica “Kifrah” Gerotto, AndreaRock (Virgin Radio) e Roberta Morgana (Jester Beast, Morgana). In December 2018 came out the EP “Bees and Flies” in preview, with four songs, available on all digital stores and in streaming. The first single and video “Ironwill” (feat. Annamaria Barbera “Sconsolata”) was unleashed on January 10th 2019, getting thousands of views in a few hours.

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