IRONWILL Release New Official Video For ‘Bees and Flies’!

Italian guitarist, Salvo Dell’Arte, founder and mastermind of IRONWILL released the new full length album “Jonathan’Journey” on June 8th 2019, via Alpha Omega Records. “Jonathan’Journey” is a concept album: 10 songs to explore the evolution of the spirit of a lost soul. Today the band has released a new official video for ‘Bees and Flies’ from the album, watch it here:

Comments Salvo Ironwill:
“In the 90’s Al Bano sued Michael Jackson for pagiarism: 11 notes of 12 of the melody “I Cigni di Balakà” were identical in “Will you be there”. At the end of the (in)famous lawsuit the Court statued that the melody is not creative so it is not copyrighted. It means that it is not protected under copyright law. So “Bees and Flies” is not a plagiarism; the song is addressed to everyman, whose willpower, life and study knowledge and tenancy are the only instruments to achieve freedom: knowledge is freedom and power. Dedicated to all my university students.”

Special Guests:
Marco Berry as “the Judge”
Beppe Poldo Sciandra as “the Policeman”
Sarah D’Agostino as “the M.J. Jury n. 1”
Milena Mischenko as “the M.J. Jury n. 2”

The Band featured in the video:
AndreaRock: vocals
Calvin Duke: bass
Noraccio: drums
Ironwill: guitars

“Jonathan’Journey” tracklisting:

1- The Mirror
2- Demons on the Floor
3- The Infinity
4- Playing on and on
5- Bees and Flies
6- I Believe
7- Time
8- Angel
9- Ironwill
10- The Dam

Check out the album teaser video here:

Listen to the full album on:

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Apple Music:

“Jonathan’Journey” is a concept album with social content about bullying and personae evolution; the story of Jonathan, a kid victim of bullying who lost his soul in a mirror, creating a mask for himself and becoming in the decades of follow Ironwill, the man. Each song tells the passages from Jonathan to Ironwill, the steps of the evolution of the “refuge” character. At the end after falling into the hell of the pain of the soul, Ironwill finds his evolution as a man after the collapse of the dam and the reunion with Jonathan. The man and the child join hands and resume the path of life with the transparency and genuineness of Jonathan and the maturity of Ironwill. The project is enriched by the essential contribution of Marzio Francone as producer and drummer as well as Real Input.

IRONWILL involves on the bass Tony “The Fretless Monster” Franklin, who played with the most amazing musicians as Jimi Page, Paul Rodgers, Chris Slade, the Blue Murder, John Sykes, Carmine Appice, David Gilmour, Kate Bush, Whitesnake, Donna Lewis, Gary Hoey, Pat Travers). Each song is played by different singers: Piero Leporale (Uli Jon Roth, Michael, Angelo Batio, Andrea Braido, Vinny & Carmine Appice), Federica “Kifrah” Gerotto, AndreaRock (Virgin Radio) e Roberta Morgana (Jester Beast, Morgana). In December 2018 came out the EP “Bees and Flies” in preview, with four songs, available on all digital stores and in streaming. The first single and video “Ironwill” (feat. Annamaria Barbera “Sconsolata”) was unleashed on January 10th 2019, getting thousands of views in a few hours.

Also watch “Ironwill” first single and official video here:

Band photo and art graphic by Alberto Vitalux.

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