Italian heavy grunge rockers BRAIN PAIN will release their debut album, The Magazine, on July 26th via Argonauta Records. The new single and official music video, ‘Brain Cream,’ was released today: 

The story behind the album:
The Magazine is first of all a word play with the Italian translation “La Rivista”, in fact, the word “rivista” has many meanings:
– The magazine is intended as a publication related to a specific field (ex. Fashion, art, music etc…)
– In military use, inspection by a superior to check the order of individual elements or departments. For us, it is the inspection of our own capabilities, of our mood, of our fears.
– Variety show which, in the once most widespread and popular form, consists of a series of attraction numbers in which the comedian, the soubrette and the dance troupe have a predominant role. Music as we intend it is more than just sound, it’s about the expression and energy of live exhibitions, and the comic shadow that always follows the tragic events we go through in our lives.

Secondly, this is a concept album, a story that follows the journey of a man who wins a golden ticket for a trip through his own multiverse.

The journey begins with Brain Cream, in which the protagonist is trying to evade the chaos of everyday life. He’s overwhelmed by the constant stream of stimuli and as soon as he grabs hold of the golden ticket, he knows that it’s his chance for escaping. He’s conscious, however, that he won’t be able to see the world he’s leaving while it grows and changes, maybe into a better version of itself.

In Apricot Sorrow we find out that he’s been launched into his last reality, the one in which he already lived all the other realities he has yet to go through, so he can clearly see his path and all his different lives. The ones he despises and the ones he misses. The only question that still stands is WHY? He’ll need to find a sense for all his future voyages.

The Saving and The Craving drag him through a reality of struggle and addiction, in which he first tries to find redemption just for him to fall again in his old, dark habits. He’s not yet capable of dealing with his problems and instead tries to avoid them, seeking refuge in the warmth of a dose. Right as he’s about to end his life he asks for forgiveness one last time, as he has not yet found the right answers.

The Butcher of Grangaisbrook is the proud adaptation of a local legend from our valley, it’s a tale of vengeance, in which our protagonist tries to find the answer to his grievance in the blade of an axe. His inevitable folly will be the only answer birthing from his atrocious sentiments.
Icahipi is the realisation that he’s living a cycle, he’s not going in the right direction but, as during his life, he’s still doing the same mistakes, like a snake that bites his tail, like the circular motion of a blender.

In Samsara he tries to break out. While traveling through the desert of his soul, the protagonist sees the sky twirling, telling him to get away from this never-ending motion in which he’s trying to flee a dying world just to find a new one to kill, again. He’s trying to find a solution to go forward, a new beginning.

In Spread Love Around he finally reaches His answer. For him, the meaning of his journey becomes being able to care for someone other than himself, to share thoughts and emotions, so that in that room where he started alone and full of grief, he’s now with someone he loves. He can finally enjoy the apricot without remorse or nostalgia. He’s happy and he finally feels it.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
01. Brain Cream
02. Apricot Sorrow
03. The Saving
04. The Craving
05. Autoradiography
06. The Butcher of Grangaisbrook
07. Icahipi
08. Samsara
09. Spread Love Around

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