THE SUNRISE sign their second record deal with WormHoleDeath. For the second time in two years, the Venetian band is outlining the details of the record agreement that will allow them to work with the international metal specialists again. 

Their sophomore album “RisinThe Sunrise is a Progressive / Hard-Rock band based in Venice (Italy), born in 2018, after the first phase of experimentation and publication of a self-produced EP entitled “RISE” (2019 EP) finally finds an artistic binder represented by the conscious mix of different musical genres such as Pop – Rock Progressive and Metal, thanks to which it arrives at the agreement with the US label WormHoleDeath® in conjunction with the signing of the contract and the subsequent publication of the album “BrandNewDisorder” in 2020. The turning point for the band was the possibility, during the following years of making his music known to the public by participating in various competitions and achieving good placings such as the participation as Headliners at the 2021’s National Music Day in Treviso (Italy) and the participation to the semi-final phase of the Hybryd Venice Constest 2021, competition held in the beautiful scenario of Bissuola Park’s Theater in Mestre (VE). “The stage has always been a place for us to express and externalize thoughts, concepts, and music without filters, in direct line with the listeners,” says Tommaso, the group’s spokesperson. The new album will be released in 2022, but preceded by the video clip of the first single extract entitled “TakeTime / WasteTime”; forget the Amarcord sweetness of the romantic songs of “BrandNewDisorder”, this time the atmosphere will be very different, more gloomy and reflective, the subtle voices, the painful harmonies, and the overbearing rhythm will dominate; you will find yourself in the middle of a stormg Loop” will be released on November 4th, 2022.

The band stated: “If the first time was a bet, now we really want to show what we are made of”; These are the words of Tommaso, the guitarist, and spokesperson of the band, who does not spare himself in reiterating how much the Progressive / Hard-Rock band from Chioggia (VE) is determined to take place in the current Rock and Metal scene. After almost a year of hard work, punctuated by interruptions and extensions, due to the current condition we live in, Rising In Loop will finally see the light. A committed, structurally rich, and conceptual album that differs from the previous record “Brand New Disorder” both in terms of timing, arrangement, and sound; if previously the critics were divided on the lack of intelligibility of the musical identity of the band, this time the progressive matrix is unequivocal. The theme of the production recalls the style of the concept album, the core of the story is religions, the intertwining of cultures and populations of the past, present, and future created in order to give the listener a vision and a representation of the critical thinking of the band regarding the folklore and events, which have become absolute legends of the world crime news. “RisingInLoop”, in fact, proposes, by tackling “historically” the development and consolidation of the mythological and religious thought of mankind, to weave a historical and legendary plot in time and space as a legacy, a warning that something has changed; “We will bring you on a journey that you will hardly forget, unlike the stories we all know, this one will not have a happy ending”


Giorgia Chiereghin – Voce
Tommaso Elia – Chitarra e backing vocals
Andrea Marchesan – Tastiere e backing vocals
Samuele Boscolo Nata – Basso

1. Zero
2. Exodus
3. Take Time – Waste Time
4. Black Moon
5. Glasir
6. Rising In Loop
7. Waves In A Bulb
8. Occam
9. Freedom Demise
10. Willow Tree
11. Beatrice
12. Sun, Moon & Wind
13. Cupido
14. Paradigma
15. Cosmos



Disturbingly Good


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