Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals” takes listeners on a sonic journey

Out on 21 September via The Circle Music

Ataraxia, the Italian neoclassical darkwave band founded in 1990, has announced “Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals” as its next and 28th studio album, which will be released via The Circle Music on 21 September 2021. 

“Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals” takes the listener on a unique musical journey, in a mystical walk through space-time between the past, the present and the future. 

Ataraxia commented: “The new Ataraxia album is a poetic race through the essence of the elements constantly inspired by the elemental spirits of nature to reach the athanor and embody the conjunctio oppositorum or alchemical marriage.

“The white fire of heaven has brought us to fusion with Hlara Aralh, bearer of the courage of the heart. The unfolding of the notes infuses us with a comprehensive and pervading sense of freedom and lightness. The tongues of crystal flame that purify without burning envelop us and lead us to the purest, most instinctive and vivifying feeling. A question resounds “Do you still dream your dream?” while the salamanders, live embers, lead us in the presence of Helios, the Sun, and we are asked: “Do you still feel the source?

The alchemical journey of the hero, the journey of all of us, goes on and enters the earth element represented by the depths of the forest and the cosmic dance of the deer.”

“Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals” will be released in five formats: luxurious boxset, gold vinyl, A5 Digipack CD, Jewel Case CD and digital. It is now available for pre-order via The Circle Music

Ataraxia is an Italian ensemble of artists who explore and create music, poetry and visual art and who dedicated their lives to the ‘act of creation’. The band’s discography consists of 28 studio albums, including Il fantasma dell’Opera (Avantgarde, 1996), Historiae (Cold Meat Industry, 1998), Lost Atlantis (Cold Meat Industry, 1999), Synchronicity Embraced (Sleaszy Rider Records, 2018) and Quasar (AnnapurnA Production, 2020). 

“Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals” track list:
1) Hlara Aralh
2) Oruphal
3) Ozoonhas
4) Nevenhir
5) Ode ad Afrodite
6) Ode a Dioniso
7) Aura Magi
8) Hummingbirds
9) Amethyst (bonus track) [on A5 & jewel case versions only]

Ataraxia on “Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals” are:
Francesca Nicoli – vocals
Vittorio Vandelli – classical and electric guitars, programming, back vocals
Giovanni Pagliari – keyboards, piano, back vocals

Guest musician: Totem Bara – cello, timpani

The album was recorded, mixed, mastered by Vittorio Vandelli between November 2021 and May 2022. 

Pre-order links

Jewel case CD: https://thecirclemusic.gr/product/ataraxia-pomegranate-jewel-case-cd/

A5 Digipack CD (Limited to 1.000 copies): https://thecirclemusic.gr/product/ataraxia-pomegranate-a5-digipack-cd-limited-to-1-000-copies/

Gold Vinyl with printed inserts + 16 pages booklet (Limited to 500 copies): https://thecirclemusic.gr/product/ataraxia-pomegranate-the-chant-of-the-elementals-gold-vinyl-limited-to-500-copies/

Luxurious Box embossed in Gold including Marbled (Gold & Black) Vinyl with printed inserts and 16 pages booklet + A5 Digipack CD + Zip Hoodie (Limited to 200 copies): https://thecirclemusic.gr/product/ataraxia-pomegranate-the-chant-of-the-elementals-luxurious-box-embossed-in-gold-limited-to-200-copies/

Zip Hoodie: https://thecirclemusic.gr/product/ataraxia-pomegranate-the-chant-of-the-elementals-zip-hoodie/

Ataraxia online:

The Circle Music online:


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