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Gods Of Decay (JP) Post-Grunge | Gothic Metal

Gods Of Decay was formed in Tokyo in 2018 by Japanese guitarist Frost and Georgian vocalist Anna. Their music lies at an intersection of genres and styles such as post-grunge, alternative and gothic metal, the fusion of which gave birth to a dark, “meaty” and yet beautiful sound.

The band pride themselves with a strong adherence to melody, intricately interwoven with heavy and angry guitar riffs – a feature that makes them stand out. Anna’s fascination with modern literature has a strong impact on the lyrics she writes. The major themes in her lyrics are introspective, dreams, vanishing boundaries between the real and the imaginary, madness and social criticism. Her musical influences range from the mellow (The Cure) to the brutal (Necrophagist). She enjoys experimenting with styles and aims for “theatricality” in her singing manner. She has received opera vocal training in the past, but enjoys experimenting with extreme vocals.

The mastermind behind Gods Of Decay‘s compositions, Frost, names among his favourite artists and major influences such bands as Creed, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. By implementing beautiful melodies into heavy distortion “shell”, his compositions are powerful, yet at the same melodious. “Beauty in strength” can nicely describe the sound that he aims for.

Yorke, on bass and programming, has joined the group recently but has immediately brought new colors to the band’s musical palette and yet more layers into compositions by balancing out the aggression of Frost’s guitar with his mellifluous and sensual basslines. His influences include such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Apex Twin and Portis Head.

Gods Of Decay are currently preparing to release their first full-length album Collective Psychosis, which is planned to be preceded by the release of a single and a music video titled Suffocate You.

Gods Of Decay are:
Anna – Vocals | Frost – Guitar | Yorke – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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