The parthenopean melodic death metal Jumpscare, in collaboration with the Duchy of Il Bardo, have released the video visualizer of Earth Decay, a track extracted from the album ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’, directed by Luigi Cervellini (LB Studio) and produced by the band itself. The video visualizer aims to raise awareness of the harms of pollution and climate change.

“We decided to make a video to raise awareness on climate change since Earth Decay (the song chosen as the” soundtrack “of this video), a song that denounces the opulence and greed of those who exploit the environment, animals and men “- explains Graziano. “Climate change changes the equilibrium of the earth’s temperature and has strong repercussions on man and the environment; the earth’s temperature is modified due to the greater concentration of greenhouse gases which have a heavy impact on the entire ecosystem. A serious problem that should become a priority, and instead too often underestimated, when not ridiculed, and not treated with due attention. A real problem that should be of absolute priority, given that we risk facing disastrous consequences both for our planet and for our health”.

The decision of the Band and the intentional micronation to publish the video in February is not a  random decision: in fact, this date marks the foundation of the “Bardo” and with it, the concrete action of both parties to raise public awareness of global warming. The Bard has always fought against pollution and against any form of exploitation of nature: a better world is possible only if we realize how important our daily actions, however small, are, for better or for worse “.

The synergy between the parthenopean band and the intentional micronation of the ‘Bardo’ is not new; several times the collaborations between Duke Piercarlo Bormida and Graziano Ciccarelli (founder and drummer of Jumpscare), together with the whole band, have given life to synergies of various kinds, starting from 2016 with the production of the single/intro ‘Chthonic Dreams’ to continue with the remix ‘Dead Bodies’ always by the Piedmontese producer and composer.

The album ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ was produced at Sonitus Studio by Tommaso Monticelli (Genus Ordinis Dei) and was released via Vault Lab (digital & jewel case version) and the Reborn Through Tape Records label (limited edition to 100 copies in cassette format) alongside important names such as Kreator, Sacred Reich, Bulldozer, Raw Power, Discharge and many others.

Below are the videos of the previous singles:
‘Dead Bodies’:
‘Dead Bodies Remix’ produced by Bormanus:
‘Falling Tears’ (Live Video):


To learn about the reality of Il Bardo micronation and support its initiatives, visit:
Instagram: bardo_micronation


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