Legendary Florida Death Metal band KILLING ADDICTION have finally released their long-awaited new album Mind of a New God. The band’s second full-length album, Mind of a New God is now available on CD, 12″LP, Cassette and Digital through XTREEM MUSIC.

Purchase and stream Mind of a New God at killingaddiction.bandcamp.com

For the recording of Mind of a New God, the band returned to Helton Music Studios, where they recorded their last two releases. Artwork for the album was done by Samuel Araya (CRADLE OF FILTH, ELVENKING, DARK MOOR, etc.)

“There’s something very satisfying about listening to Mind of a New God. It has the brute simplicity of solid, timeless death metal, the otherworldly alien feeling of the Morbid Angel influences, the sophisticated murderous intent of some of the Carcass-esque moments, and a firm injection of the band’s own personalised deathly aggression that then brings everything together.”– Wonderbox Metal

Tracklist for “Mind of a New God” is as follows:
1. Mind of a New God
2. As Utopia Burns
3. Prophecy Armageddon
4. Destroyer of Worlds
5. Lives Unworthy of Life
6. Dark Realm Atrocity
7. Condemned to Nothingness
8. The Chaos Older than Time
9. Altered at Birth

You can visit KILLING ADDICTION’s official site here: Killing Addiction



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