The Brazilian Hard Rock band KIN WAGON, led by the experienced singer Lean Van Ranna, a musician who has played in many national and international bands and renowned projects, released on January 20th on all digital platforms, through the labels GL Music/Ingrooves/Universal Music, the single “Return To Zero”. Track that will be present on the upcoming debut EP entitled “First Arrival”.

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Guitars and synths by Yuri Donatti
Vocal arrangements and lyrics by Yuri DonattiLean Van Ranna and Carlos Nogarolli
Keyboard arrangements by Nilver Pérez and inserts by Yuri Donatti

Produced by Yuri Donatti and Lean Van Ranna, mixed and mastered by Anderson Sherman“Return To Zero” has a sound like a kind of missing link between American and European Hard Rock, marking a new musical phase for KIN WAGON. Accompanying the release of the single, a vibrant lyric video was created by graphic artist Ricardo Janke, who also signs the beautiful cover art, bringing images from the classic Tom Cruise’s movie Top Gun (1986).

Watch “Return To Zero” (Lyric Video feat. Caio Gaona) at

One of the great highlights in “Return To Zero” and consequently for the next releases, is the drummer Caio Gaona who has been a professional for over 15 years. He is the creator of the Geek Batera project, in which he has become a reference in the geek scene. His work is extremely recognized by soundtrack composers from Hollywood, USA, thanks to his incredible drum covers on his YouTube channel, and he even played at CCXP and at the Guardians of the Galaxy Cinematograph at Sound and Image Museum(MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo). Recently, he has been invited to record the drums on a new official DC Comics soundtrack!

“First Arrival” final tracklist is: “All I Want”“Return To Zero”, “Sunrise Will Shine”, “New Dawn” and “Promised Land”.

“We want to bring in this new phase a sound with high doses of energy and high spirits and, especially, to give the listeners feelings of joy and optimism in positive messages of daily experiences, self-help, always highlighting the gift of life and emphasizing to be eternal as well as love for others”, commented Lean Van Ranna.

KIN WAGON‘s next steps will be to release all the other tracks as singles, all with their own exclusive graphic arts and, of course, to finish and release the so dreamed full album, with the production process already well advanced. KIN WAGON‘s Hard N’ Heavy excels for including influences and classic references, without losing the technical quality and musical coherence of the style, providing the listeners with true sensations of instigating déjà-vu and high spirits.

More Information:

Formed by Lean Van Ranna (King Of Salem, Excalibur, Auryah, Menahem, A Taste Of Freedom, Masterful, Melodius Deite, etc) in 2020 under the name Road To Prize, the band prioritized a sound more focused on AOR and Melodic Rock, even releasing the single “All I Want” in 2021, before going on a short hiatus. In the following year they returned as KIN WAGON, bringing a new line-up and, mainly, a heavier sound based on Hard N’ Heavy, Glam Metal, even with a touch of Blues, without leaving their Hard Rock and AOR roots from the 80’s and 90’s.

Currently based in São Paulo, but with renowned members also coming from Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Peru, KIN WAGON is currently formed by Lean Van Ranna (vocals), the experienced Peruvian musician Nilver Pérez (keyboards, synthesizers, Revlin Project, Solo), Anderson Sherman (bass), Caio Gaona (drums; Toth, Geek Batera, Triscore, ex-Tuff) and now Johnny Moraes (guitar; Hevilan, ex-Warrel Dane, ex-Pastore), replacing Yuri Donatti (Demach) who  left the band recently for private reasons.

For fans of: Whitesnake, Skid Row, Dokken, Def Leppard, Journey, Survivor, Bon Jovi, Eclipse, H.E.A.T.

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Pictures by Ricardo Janke


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