Leash Eye’ announces new album called “Busy Nights Hazy Days”

Leash Eye’s combination of dirty guitars, a powerful rhythm section, real rock vocals, and perhaps the dirtiest Hammond organ sound on the modern scene creates a mix the band calls ‘hard truckin’ rock’.

Active since 1996, the band recently moved away from modern metal production values, opting for a more raw and organic sound, while retaining everything that makes up Leash Eye’s unique character – influences from southern rock and classic rock, plus a touch of stoner. 

Preorder: https://leasheye.pl/produkt/busy-nights-hazy-days/

The new album will be available on streaming services and digital stores (already presented on Bandcamp) on March 11th, while the physical CD will make its debut the next day, on Leash Eye’s 25th Anniversary show in Warsaw, Poland, and will begin shipping the following week.

Bandcamp stream

1. Betting On One Horse
2. Where The Grass Is Green And The Girls Are Pretty
3. … Of The Night
4. Electric Suns
5. Stay Down
6. No Time To Take It Easy
7. Step On It
8. F.D.T.D
9. Some Kind Of Rookie

march 12th, 2022

recorded, mixed and mastered by Mikołaj Kiciak at SANTA STUDIO
additional recording: Piotr Sikora at The Frog Den
artwork: Martyna Sekulak

V.E.N.I. (2009)
From Hell To Wyoming (single, 2010)
V.I.D.I. (2011)
Hard Trucking Rock’ (2013)
Blues, Brawls & Beverages (2019)
Last Call (pandemic single, 2020) 

Bandcamp leasheye.bandcamp.com
Facebook facebook.com/leasheye
Youtube youtube.com/user/leasheye
Instagram instagram.com/leasheye


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