Leaves’ Eyes – Sign Of The Dragonhead Release-Show


Location: Riders Cafe, Lübeck
Date: January 13th 2018

Sign Of The Dragonhead” is the first album with nightingale Elina Siirala. And this’s what Leaves’ Eyes wanted to celebrate together with their fans. Therefore, the musicians went on a short tour and stopped in Stuttgart, Leipzig and Lübeck. And Lübeck is less than an hour’s drive away, thus a good opportunity to meet the musicians again and to chat („klönen” as the North German says).

Harpyie were originally announced as support. However, as they had to cancel at short notice, Remember Twilight opened the evening. The sound of the Swabians is difficult to describe. On Facebook you can read “Metal-Punk-Rock-Gothic-Crossover (-Core)”. Thanks to two violins and a cello, a good portion of folk-rock is added. The oldest song “Die Feder” (The Feather) dates back to 1998, but first appeared on the 2010 album “Musik über Niedergang und Verderben” (Music about Decline and Corruption). And the closing song “König Koks” (King Coke) is a melange of the kitchen song “Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da” (Mother, the man with the coke is here) (in 1995 there was a song of the same name by Falco) and the “König von Deutschland” (King of Germany) (Rio Reiser). The fans demanded an encore, but the schedule of the evening didn’t seem to allow it.

Setlist Remember Twilight:

  • Willkommen
  • Todestheologie
  • Zu Real
  • Die Feder
  • Welten zu entdecken
  • Ich komme nicht mit
  • K.O.
  • König Koks

The break was pleasingly short. The Riders Cafe was well filled now. At the sounds of the intro, first came Vikings, with shield and sword on the stage. Then, when the musicians of Leaves’ Eyes followed, they were greeted with huge applause. The bass was played by a good friend of the band, Niels Löffler of Orden Ogan. The show started with the title song “Sign Of The Dragonhead”. On the setlist were another five songs of the current album. But also, many older songs were played. Highlights of the evening were probably “Fires In the North” (the first single with Elina). “My Destiny”, “Edge Of Steel” or “Spirits Masquerade” and of course “Sign Of The Dragonhead” – at least for me. And the voice of the blond Finn could thrill me again. You could see the fun of the musicians on stage and the pride on their latest masterpiece. For the by the fans vehemently demanded encore came singer and mastermind Alex Krull as Viking on stage, authentic style with helmet and sword. Half an hour before midnight the show ended with “Haraldskvaedi”. The band bowed deeply to her fans.

Setlist Leaves Eyes:

  • Intro
  • Sign Of The Dragonhead
  • Take The Devil In Me
  • Across The Sea
  • My Destiny
  • Swords In Rock
  • Jomsborg
  • Galswintha
  • Spirits Masquerade
  • Like A Mountain
  • Hell To The Heavens
  • Riders On The Wind
  • Farewell Proud Men
  • Fires In The North
  • Edge Of Steel
  • Sacred Vow


  • Blazing Waters
  • Haraldskvaedi

It was an amazing show? The fans, who came from near and far, were thrilled. They did not just come to Lübeck from Germany. but also from Switzerland. However, the longest journey had a fan from the Canadian metropolis Toronto. After the show there was still time to meet the musicians of Leaves’ Eyes. I’m looking forward to the concert at the Knust in Hamburg. Of course the tickets are already bought.

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