Progressive Legend Leo Maia Unleashes “Passive Genocide” Feat. Jeff Black, Rod Rodrigues & Irene Senent

Leo Maia Unleashes a Musical Masterpiece with “Passive Genocide” – A Powerful Blend of Timely Political Commentary and Progressive Rock Mastery

Leo Maia, the visionary composer and performer, raises the bar with his latest single “Passive Genocide”, a powerful tale of political corruption and social injustice.

Set against a backdrop of powerful vocals, haunting violins and intricate rhythms, “Passive Genocide” weaves a tale of manipulation, greed, and the human cost of power. With Leo Maia’s mesmerizing vocals spanning through 4 octaves, the song takes listeners on a journey through the shadows of a society plagued by greed and indifference.

“Passive Genocide” features a collaboration of three talented guest musicians. The Brazilian prog rock virtuoso Rod Rodrigues delivers a jaw dropping guitar solo. Jeff Black (Gatekeeper, Glyph) adds heavy guitars into the piece with his humbuckers and a  stunning synth solo. To top it all off, the Spanish classical violinist Irene Senent sets the mood of the song with an ethereal performance. The result is a cinematic journey through the darkest recesses of the human psyche that showcases Leo’s creativity as a composer.

Drawing inspiration from the tumultuous events of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and its administration, Leo Maia has crafted a musical masterpiece. Influenced by artists including KING CRIMSON, IRON MAIDEN, AYREON, OCEANSIZE, DREAM THEATER, and PINK FLOYD, “Passive Genocide” is sure to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

“Passive Genocide” is now available for streaming on all major platforms. For more information about Leo Maia and his music, visit

Track credits:
Leo Maia – Vocals, Single Coil Electric Guitars, Mellotron, Organ, Keyboards, Virtual Instruments, Composition
Jeff Black – Humbucker Electric Guitars, Synth Solo, Mix and Master
Rod Rodrigues – Second Guitar Solo
Irene Senent – Violins


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