UK-based progressive metal trio LestWeForget rejuvenates the band’s status with the forceful new single – “Sleepwalking”! Representing the group’s approach to creating complex, musically elevated progressive compositions in a cohesive manner, “Sleepwalking” represents the tale of Icarus through its hard-driven, elevating concept, energy and performance that clearly showcase the already established talent of the group to produce masterful music ideas that are yet melodic, dynamic and easy to enjoy. The capacity of the product is further expressed with the explosive accompanying video that very well shows the energy, creativity and passion, which LestWeForget invests in its production.

Sleepwalking – song by LestWeForget | Spotify

Further delving into the characteristics of “Sleepwalking”LestWeForget adds: “The premise of Sleepwalking was born out of frustration more than anything. With so many problems facing us in modern life that have been predicted for years, it often feels like we’ve all passively embraced them as a sleepwalker wandering with little conscious thought. The bridge references the tale of Icarus, whose ego led to a spectacular downfall, a story that nicely mirrors the wider theme of the lyrics. As a standalone single that we tried to keep ‘single-length’, we felt it would be right to venture outside of our usual story-driven, narrative lyrical format and attempt something new. This song was also written at a time when we were unable to meet up during various lockdowns, so it has some conceptual relevance in that respect too! We hope you enjoy it.”


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