Victoria (BC) – Canadian Black Metal trio LIMINAL SHROUD have partnered with No Clean Singing for the pre-release stream of forthcoming album All Virtues Ablaze. Click the link that follows to stream the album!

All Virtues Ablaze will be released on August 5 via Willowtip Records.

The album will be available on digipak, vinyl LP, and digital formats.




“The album is magnificent. And a compelling advance beyond what Liminal Shroud had achieved before.”

– No Clean Singing

“This is an excellent record, one with the ability to garner them a larger following and their name on more tongues as people discuss what newer bands are making metal exciting again.”

– Mead Mead Metal

“It’s not just a fantastic showcase of this band’s talents, it’s a fantastic showcase of where the best of black metal sits in 2022.” (9/10)

– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“A must for every true black metal fan.” (94/100)

– Musika

“A truly fantastic work of art.” (9/10)

– Metal-Only

“Atmospheric black metal with a combination of immersive atmosphere, melodic weight, and blistering aggression.”

– Wonderbox Metal

“A blisteringly depressive album by LIMINAL SHROUD. The material here is so disheartening and black, it could consume your very soul.”

– Metal Temple

“Four tracks of dense, dynamic, and sprawling black metal.”

– Heavy Blog is Heavy

“If you want evolving, brutal, ever changing, explorative and extreme expression with beautiful whimsy pieced in here and there, then Liminal Shroud is ready to give that to you.”

– Blessed Altar Zine

“LIMINAL SHROUD have created a really strong album.”

– Lack of Lies

LIMINAL SHROUD prepared the following statement concerning the album:

“Our second album, All Virtues Ablaze, takes the vision set forth on our debut and executes with greater intensity, song craft and performance. Written and recorded between 2019 and 2021, this album represents and captures a process of rejection, annihilation and regeneration of the self and contemplates the cyclical forces of futility that shape our condition.

Musically, All Virtues Ablaze is a major development on our previous album, taking the emotive atmospherics, searing melodicism and bitter fury found on Through the False Narrows to new heights. We are very proud of the compositional strength and impact of these four songs.  

Lyrically, we delve deeper into the themes of hopelessness and despair, resolve and transformation present on our previous release, sharpened in the perception of emptiness yet with an eye to the vast reaches and sources of solace to be found above, below and around us. Again, the unyielding tides and otherworldly expanses of the coast provide much inspiration.  

This release is our next statement and beginning.

We find our virtue in the blaze.”  

Track Listing:

1. Hypoxic

2. Mists Along Florencia

3. Transmigration I: Pelagic Voids

4. Transmigration II: The Cleansing Ash


Recorded and mixed by Matt Roach,

Rain City Recorders, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mastered by Dave Otero

Flatline Audio, Denver, CO, USA

Artwork by Justyna Koziczak, London, UK

Photography by Rob Hehr

Rob Hehr Photography, Victoria BC, Canada


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