“Doomswitch”— A term used to describe a theoretical mechanism where an online poker site inflicts bad luck on a player.

And, as of today, it’s the very moniker sparking the start of a brand new chapter for Perth metalcore outfit Make Them Suffer. Their new single “Doomswitch” showcases a renewed sonic spirit for the group, as well as being the first song to feature new member Alex Reade.

Taking up the position as clean vocalist and keyboardist aka “The Fifth Member” for Make Them Suffer, Reade (ex-Drown This City) seamlessly welds into the Make Them Suffer psyche. With symphonic flourishes, blasting beats, jagged guitars, and oscillating light and shade between frontman Sean Harmanis and Reade, “Doomswitch” is equally energetic and ethereal, leveling up the band’s heaviness alongside emphatic melodics while presenting a resonating narrative: “It’s not how you get knocked down / It’s how you get back up.”

The song’s blistering music video was directed by Colin Jeffs and filmed at The Paint Factory in Brisbane. 

Watch the video here

“Doomswitch’ is a term coined by online poker players used to describe a hypothesized mechanism by which an online poker site will continually infer bad luck onto a player,” reveals the band about this new single. “Sean related to this term and, at the time, it felt as if a ‘Doomswitch’ had flicked on his life, so we used the concept as the main inspiration for the song. We’ve adopted a new element into our sound along with the inclusion of a new member: Alex. This song marks a new chapter and the next step forward for the band and the sonic shift in ‘Doomswitch’ really drives that home.”

Centered around the feeling of claustrophobia as well as the journey Harmanis has experienced with his own mental health, “Doomswitch” was produced by Nick McLernon at his home studio in Victoria, with mixing and mastering courtesy of Jeff Dunne.

Following a long break away from music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Make Them Suffer are back with a vengeance. They will tour the U.S. in support of Bad Omens + Dayseeker. All dates are in the graphic below.

Sean Harmanis – Vocals
 Nick McLernon – Guitars, Vocals
Alex Reade – Vocals, Keys
Jaya Jeffery – Bass
Jordan Mather – Drums

Make Them Suffer formed out of the local metal and hardcore scene in Perth, Western Australia in 2008. The local music scene would serve to develop the band in their formative years before touring nationally and internationally in years to follow. from symphonic elements, Make Them Suffer embrace classical and modern digital virtual instruments and samples, with nods to the likes of Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Halestorm, Jinjer and Spiritbox driving their adaptation on the metalcore genre. Recently adding new vocalist and keyboardist Alex Reade into the role of “The Fifth Member” for Make Them Suffer, Reade’s first encounter with the band simultaneously was when she stepped off a flight landing in Brisbane for the production of the group’s “Doomswitch” video.


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