One of the most successful guitarists in the Maldives has been chosen as the Ambassador for NFT Tones- the decentralized NFT Market Place for Music Arts. While Shahyd Legacy is mostly famed as the lead guitarist of Maldivian metal band Sacred Legacy, he made his entrance onto the musical platform in late 2004 with his first band ‘SYN’. After that, he took his music to a whole new level, and he formed his own band Sacred Legacy in 2006. In that year, we saw Shahyd releasing his first guitar solo album called the ‘Sacred Legacy’ in September, and the album gained recognition almost instantaneously with hard thrashing riffs and melodious solos. Shahyd began his solo career soon afterward as his melodies demanded more singular attention that had to be addressed. He has toured in Asia and Europe and gained worldwide recognition.
It was stated in Shahyd Legacy’s Social Media and NFT Tone Social Media platforms yesterday that he would be working together as an Ambassador to aware new generation artists about the platform and the opportunities that come from it. He believes that NFT tone is the next big thing needed for the music industry.

NFT offers music artists the ability to connect with each other along with investors and digitally exchange NFTs for their creations within a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system running on the blockchain, giving entree to a world of opportunities for those with a thirst to entertaining values of music and performing arts. With NFT Tones content creators (artists) can create their own NFT’s that can be sold on auction or for a fixed price. They can also be able to set a percentage of royalties for each time their NFT is traded. A song can be an NFT to prove ownership and secure artistic ownership. Users will be able to support their favorite musicians and content creators by purchasing the special editions of their unique NFT’s.
Shahyd’s fifth solo album “Stasis” is furthermore due to release on the NFT tone Market place while there’s more work to be done to in order to release on Q4 2021.

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