Mammothor, Boston’s powerhouse heavy rock band, proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated new single, “The Inciter.” As the fourth single from their critically acclaimed album, Lies By Omission, “The Inciter” continues to showcase the band’s signature blend of raw energy, intricate musicianship, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Since their formation, Mammothor has been a force to be reckoned with in the alternative metal scene, earning a dedicated following with their explosive live performances and dynamic sound. “The Inciter” is a testament to the band’s relentless drive and creative evolution, combining thunderous riffs, powerful vocals, and a relentless rhythm section to create a track that is both incendiary and unforgettable.

Lies By Omission has already been praised for its bold themes and masterful execution. With “The Inciter,” Mammothor continues to push the boundaries of heavy rock, delivering a sound that is both fresh and fiercely impactful. The single follows the success of previous releases “So Long, Sanity”, “Inside Out” and “Lies by Omission,” all of which have garnered substantial streams.

In support of the new single, Mammothor will embark on a series of live performances, bringing their high-octane shows to venues across New England. Fans can expect an electrifying setlist that includes tracks from Lies By Omission along with fan favorites from their previous albums.

“The Inciter” premieres on Friday, July 28, 2024, and the accompanying music video can be viewed on the band’s official YouTube channel.

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**About Mammothor**

Formed in Boston, Mammothor is a heavy rock band known for their explosive sound and intense live performances. The band consists of Travis Lowell (vocals), Josh Johnson (guitar), Alex Muss (guitar), Lori Gangi (bass), and Euz Azevedo (drums). With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of rock, Mammothor continues to captivate audiences with their powerful, genre-defying sound.


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