MANILA HEMP is an experienced and seasoned rock band that deeply believes in music as a mission to convey a message. This is why their cry of anger against all wars and the horrors that stem from them has never been more relevant. They convey this message through intense and inspired music, released through the Italian label Volcano Records. 

The album “Powerful” is now available on all streaming platforms. To kick off this new chapter in the band’s history, they have released the single “No Hope” on YouTube with a video that doesn’t tiptoe around the issue.

Manila Hemp’s rock doesn’t make predictions about the future, and it doesn’t reassure us if the decline of humanity, turned against nature and its own brothers, is part of an irreversible process. Instead, it compels us to pause and reflect. The spark for a revolution of consciousness requires just a moment of clarity, and the new track by Manila Hemp serves as a worthy soundtrack to it.

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Also listen to ‘Way Out,’ the previous single by Manila Hemp, on Spotify, and watch the video at

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