French heavy progressive trio MARS RED SKY to premiere
new album ‘Dawn Of The Dusk’ in full over at The Obelisk.

Photo credit: Jessica Calvo.

Bordeaux-based doom-psych/heavy-progressive outfit MARS RED SKY reveal their upcoming album ‘Dawn Of The Dusk’ in its entirety today, courtesy of US heavy psychedelic music reference The Obelisk. The conceptual gem is due out this Friday 8th December 2023 through Mrs Red Sound and Vicious Circle Records. The journey kicks off HERE and now.

New album ‘Dawn Of The Dusk’ from French heavy psychedelic stalwarts MARS RED SKY is a genuine conceptual piece of work skilfully exploring progressive and post-metal territories with boundless inspiration. “A realized vision of Mars Red Sky‘s fluid chemistry, dynamic, malleable approach and psychedelic vision. They are a special, singular band.”  say The Obelisk.

Stream Dawn Of The Dusk Here

‘Dawn Of The Dusk’ is coming out on December 8th via Vicious Circle (It It Anita, The Psychotic Monks) and Mrs Red Sound (their own imprint) on coloured LP, CD digisleeve, streaming and download. Featuring Queen Of The Meadow on Maps Of Inferno (off their latest EP) and Heavenly Bodies (backing vocals). Produced, recorded and mixed by Benjamin Mandeau at Cryogène Studio in Bègles, France. Mastering by Ladislav Agabekov (of hardcore band Nostromo) at Caduceus Studio in Gimel, Switzerland. Full tour dates can be found below. US and Latin American tours will be announced in early 2024. Watch latest videos Break Even and The Final Round.

MARS RED SKY new album ‘Dawn Of The Dusk’
Out December 8th 2023 on CD, LP and digital,
Available for preorder on Mrs Red Sound and Vicious Circle Records,
Via IDOL for digital.

Artwork: Carlos Olmo.
1. Break Even
2. Maps of Inferno
3. The Final Round
4. A Choir of Ghosts
5. Carnival Man
6. Trap Door
7. Slow Attack
8. Heavenly Bodies

Brought up on bands like Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard or My Bloody Valentine, Bordeaux-based outfit MARS RED SKY had no idea that they were about to become French stoner scene cornerstones when they founded the band in 2007. Yet the heavy psychedelic trio already share many similarities and obvious connections with the “heavy and slow” community. Free from any musical genre consideration, the musicians build their very own style on the tracks of the underground pioneers. Julien Pras’ ethereal and melodic voice emerges from a thick and complex rhythm, carried by sci-fi literature’s lyricism. Almost cinematic, MARS RED SKY’s sounding has a peculiar and unique flavor, standing out within the heavy rock scene.
MARS RED SKY’s new record feature the band’s original signature of jagged vocals and thundering rhythm is spiced up by drones and various mid-kraut rock and mid-gothic effects. The atmospheres and settings are finely crafted and linked by Julien Pras’s voice, who brings a delicious pop languor. The eight-track album is packed with the band’s overflowing inspiration that has made their reputation in France and around the World over the last 10 years. ‘Dawn Of The Dusk’ is set to be released on December 8th 2023 on both record labels Mrs Red Sound and Vicious Circle Records.

Julien Pras: vocals, guitars
Jimmy Kinast: bass, vocals
Matgaz: drums

Info and tickets at this location.


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