MATRIARCHS Reveals Outstanding Artwork for Upcoming Series of Singles & Details about 1st Release: ‘Ascendancy’

L.A.-based Hardcore/Metalcore outfit MATRIARCHS will be premiering their series of singles starting October 5th. The band has decided not to release an album but a bunch of songs that will change the perspectives of their fans. 

By having a well-defined background in the underground metalcore scene MATRIARCHS wants to strengthen its position with every song they release. ‘Ascendancy’ is the first song of this explosive puzzle called “The Shape of Cunts to Come”.

The effervescent combination of both NU-Metal and Metalcore elements only adds points to the technicality chapter that makes you think of new expressions less explored by the band. However, it does not overshadow or alleviate the aggressiveness and constructive dynamics MATRIARCHS has displayed so far.

‘Ascendancy’ is an introduction to what MATRIARCHS‘ sound will be heading. It remains to see. Anyhow, this first chapter will make you want to browse and listen to all the others songs that will follow.

Edge Lorde
Karmasutra Puta
Shadow Work 

Cover artwork: @primaldesign22

Inspired by the modern European Beat Down and 90s New York metallic hardcore, the LA-based band combines metalcore with powerful instantly recognizable vocals.
The brainchild of Ben LeviMATRIARCHS has evolved into a fierce and tremendous band over the years, with their 2nd full-length “Year of The Rat” being on maximum overdrive.

With the groundswell of support behind them, MATRIARCHS has continued to rise, sharing the stage with such acts as SoulflyHarm’s WayDisgraceBaneBacktrackSworn Enemy, and Vision Of Disorder. In addition to drawing bigger crowds at festivals and tours, the band covered artists as varied as Hatebreed and Florance and the Machine. 

All of the above make MATRIARCHS a band of transformative risks, but while rushing into 2022, there is no other band that fuses together the visual aesthetic and presentation of more thought-provoking heavy acts with the sonic ferocity and energy of hardcore.

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