LA-based Hardcore/Metalcore band MATRIARCHS will be premiering their series of singles starting October 5th. The band has decided not to release an album but a bunch of songs that will change the perspectives of their fans.

MATRIARCHS started as a solo, studio project of the guitarist and entrepreneur Ben Levi, who has successfully established the band as a recognizable name in hardcore and metal communities. Initially approaching a metallic hardcore much in the vein of All Out War, as the pandemic left its print on the world, Ben decided to resuscitate MATRIARCHS in full.

The missing piece of the project was K. Enagonio. She comes from the world of melodic metal and post-hardcore.

Mastermind Ben Levi comments: “When Matriarchs started we were a kind of by the numbers hardcore band. Now, that K is in the mix though, it’s become more of an artistic endeavor for me. She kind of inspired me to do more. She just has more range than a typical hardcore singer and it’s challenged me to be more experimental.”

The band has never stopped smashing through the boundaries of the hardcore genre. By releasing their series of singles, “The Shape of C#nt$ to Come”MATRIARCHS is looking to expand the minds of their ever-increasing fanbase. 

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Inspired by the modern European Beat Down and 90s New York metallic hardcore, the LA-based band combines hardcore with powerful instantly recognizable vocals.

The brainchild of Ben LeviMATRIARCHS has evolved into a fierce and tremendous band over the years, with their 2nd full-length “Year of The Rat” being on maximum overdrive.

With the groundswell of support behind them, MATRIARCHS has continued to rise, sharing the stage with such acts as SoulflyHarm’s WayDisgraceBaneBacktrackSworn Enemy, and Vision Of Disorder. In addition to drawing bigger crowds at festivals and tours, the band covered artists as varied as Hatebreed and Florance and the Machine.

 All of the above make MATRIARCHS a band of transformative risks, but while rushing into 2022, there is no other band that fuses together the visual aesthetic and presentation of more thought-provoking heavy acts with the sonic ferocity and energy of hardcore.



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