Medjay: Brazilian band puts out its “Ao Vivo Em BH” show on YouTube

Medjay: Brazilian band puts out its “Ao Vivo Em BH” show on YouTube

The Minas Gerais band Medjay will present its fans with the launch of a live show, called “Medjay – Ao Vivo Em BH” and recorded at the Autêntica concert hall in the state’s capital, Belo Horizonte. This amazing concert has been available on the band’s official YouTube channel since August 25th.

With a very interactive presentation, the group stirred the audience, who sang along and applauded the groups at various moments of the presentation given by Phil Lima (singer/guitar), Freddy Daniels (guitar), Samuka (bass) and Riccardo Linassi (drums), plus support musicians Marco Herrera (Arabic percussion) and Rafael Agostino (keyboards).

The line-up included keyboardist Rafael Agostino and vocalist Mafra, who is only 15 years old, as special guests. Of course, the Tribo de Dannan dance company would not  miss, as they brightened the gig with a show of colors and performance with several dancers in addition to Ankhesenamon’s character, who, by taking the stage, brought a special atmosphere to the night.

According to Samuka, “It’s worth sitting down, watching and promoting this rich work”, which was done by Medjay’s musicians, who have been gaining more and more space in the Brazilian metal scene”.